World Genealogy

World Genealogy as it refers on this site, is any website providing specific details for a country, or group of people regardless of their country of origin. Even though this is an English speaking website, a lot of the information we will link to from these pages may not be available in the English language. We suggest the usage of a translation website for minor translation needs, or the usage of a translator if your needs warrant it.

The availability of genealogy data in the World varies by several factors:

1) The archiving of records within the country.

2) The privacy laws for the country.

3) The availability of the records via the WWW.

4) The quality of the records available.

At present we have information online for the following countries:


Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, and United States.

A recent announcement by WorldVitalRecords mentions that they have obtained the family tree database from an Argentina couple of over 130,000 Argentina's intertwined into one massive database. This is the first foray by any online company into Argentina data, and is a welcome addition. That being said, the database was already accessible online through the creators for a donation. You can access it here at WorldVitalRecords or at