Irish Genealogy

Irish Genealogy has made some recent strides online in the past couple of years. As time passes the amount of resources and genealogy data available to Irish researchers will expand greatly. I'll use this section of the site to outline the available resources that are presently online, whether free or through a subscription website.

New Irish Genealogy Online

An essay towards a natural history of the county of Dublin, Ireland - Free
Information on the natural history of Dublin County, Ireland.

History and Antiquities of Kilkenny, Ireland - Free
"County and city, with illustrations and appendix, compiled from inquisitions, deeds, wills, funeral entries, family records, and other historical and authentic sources."

The history and antiquities of the county of Carlow, Ireland - Free
With information of the arrival of the English, reigns, etc.

A History of the City and County of Cork, Ireland - Free
With information on Christian Period, Elizabethian Era, etc of Cork, Ireland.

The History of the County and City of Cork, Ireland - Free
Two volumes on the history of the county and city of Cork, Ireland.

The history of Sligo: town and county, Ireland - Free
The first volume of the history of Sligo, Ireland and the town.

The history of the county of Dublin, Ireland - Free
General county history of Dublin, Ireland.

History of Sligo, Ireland - Free
"History of Sligo, County and Town, from the Accession of James I. to the Revolution of 1688, with Illustrations from Original Drawings and Plans."

History of the Queen's County, Ireland - Free
"History of the territory from the earliest times till it was made Queen's County by act of Parliament, in 1556."

History of the County Longford, Ireland - Free
Book contains the history of the county of Longford, Ireland with index's of the years.

Marriage Bonds Index of Cork and Ross Ireland, 1628-1750 - Free
This book is an index of Marriage License Bonds and contains an alphabetical listing of the bride and groom along with the year of the marriage bond.

St. John the Evangelist, Killowen, Coleraine, Ireland - Free
The following sketch of the History of the Parish and Church of St. John the Evangelist, Killowen, Coleraine, has no pretensions to be considered as an exhaustive treatise on the subject. The idea has been suggested by a few parishioners of Killowen Church, and the object is to place on record some of the leading facts connected with the Church and Parish which are within their knowledge, either actual or traditional.