An essay towards a natural history of the county of Dublin, Ireland



Table of Contents

Of the soil 1
Agriculture 3
Mark 8
Sand 16
Sea Sand as a Manure 17
Clay 26
Turf 29
Lime-stone Gravel 32
Rinding and Lapidegcent Earths 35

Ofteocolla, Bone-binder or Bone-glue 37
Gypfum 38
Rotten Stones, with an Analysis of them 39
Lapis Hibernicus, and the Pyritae 42
Ochres and painting Earths 52
Iron Stones and Iron Ores 58
Native Salts 63
Nitre 64
Salt-petre and it's Generation, natural and artificial 71

I. A Synoptic View of the different Sorts of Nitre 73

Of Vitriol 75
Spars, petrifications, Crystals and bastard Gems 79
Lime-stone 93
Marbles 100
Lapis Lydim or Touchstone 102
Slate and the Building-Stone of Dublin, a Sympexium or Rock Stone of Hill 105
II. A Comparative Analysis of Spar, white Marble, Chalk, Lime-stone, Buildingstone and Flag-stone 119
Flints, and other Stones-a-kin to them 121
The Porphyry 127
The Granite or Fire-stone 130
Mill-stones 134
Lead Ore 136
Copper Ore 141
MINERAL WATERS in this County 145
II. Experiments on the Water of Patrick's Well at Singlass, and divers other Waters 157
Purging Waters 160
CRAIG's Water, &c. 169
The Sulphureous Spring at Lucan near Dublin 188
A Preface, shewing die Importance and Usefulness of Histories of the Weather 271
Monthly Registry of the Weather and Seasons in Dublin, from 1716 to 1724 inclusive 281
I. Synoptic Table of the Winds, &c. from 1717 to 1726 308
II. from 1727 to 1736 335
III. from 1737 1746 376
IV. from 1747 to 1756 412
V. The reigning Winds in each Month during the above 43 Years 413
VI. The Proportion of each Wind to the Sam of the whole Winds from the foregoing Tables 415
VII. The highest and lowest Prices of the Wheat by the Barrel, from 1716 to 1765 424
VIII. The State of the Winds and their several Proportions to each other, from 1759 to 1765 inclusive 456
IX. The Number of Winds in each of the four Seasons in one View 456
The distinguishing Nature of the Air and State of the Weather in London and Dublin 456
Comparison of the English and Irish Summers 463
A Table or Scheme of the Seasons for 50 Years 468
I. A Catalogue of the principal Storms near London, from 1697 to 1717 inclusive 47O
II. The principal Storms at Dublin, from 1715-1758 478
III. The Number of Storms, with the respective Months in which they blew ibid
IV. Storms from 1760 to 1765 473
Lift of New Moons happening on Saturday and the Weather attending 481


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MARL, tho' long known in some parts of Ireland, is but of late introduction into Fingall, and which is owing (as I am informed) to Alexander Hamilton, Efq; from the North.

The Word Marl was formerly used in a very vague sense, and of consequence it must sometimes happen that what was affirmed of one species of it did not hold in another.