Scottish Genealogy

Scottish Genealogy has made some recent strides online in the past couple of years. As time passes the amount of resources and genealogy data available to Scottish researchers will expand greatly. I'll use this section of the site to outline the available resources that are presently online, whether free or through a subscription website.

New Scottish Genealogy Online

History of the County of Ayr, Scotland - Free
"With a genealogical account of the families of Ayrshire."

Hopton's Narrative of his Campaign in the West (1642-1644) and Other Papers - Free
The papers included in this volume relating to the military affairs in the western and southern counties of England were largely used by Lord Clarendon in the preparation of his history.

Armorial Families: A Directory of Gentlemen of Coat-Armour - Free
Enclosed in this massive manuscript are thousands of descriptions of Coats of Arms of families in 1905 England and Scotland. Included with those description will often be found colored coats of arms.

Scotch Highlanders in America - Free
An attempt is here made to present certain Scotch Highland settlements prior to the Revolution. These settlements form a very important and interesting place in the early history of our country. While they may not have occupied a very prominent or pronounced position, yet their exertions in subduing the wilderness, their activity in the Revolution, and the wide influence exercised by the descendants of these hardy pioneers, have brought their history and achievements into notice.

Old Edinburgh - Free
Watkeys, Frederick William. Old Edinburgh; being an account of the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Scotland, including its streets, houses, notable inhabitants, and customs in the olden time. Published in 1908, at Boston, by L.C. Page & Company.