Canada Genealogy

History of the county of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - Free
"Containing a history of the county, history of Haliburton County, their townships, towns, schools, churches, etc., general and local statistics, biographical sketches and an outline history of the Dominion of Canada, etc."

A history of the county of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada - Free
General history of Pictou County, Canada.

A history of the county of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada - Free
With general history of Yarmouth County, Canada.

The History of Queens County, Nova Scotia, Canada - Free
General county history of Queens county.

History of the county of Lennox and Addington, Ontario, Canada - Free
With general county history of newspapers, schools, etc.

History of the Bar of the County of Middlesex, Ontario, Canada - Free
General history of the bar in Middlesex County, Canada.

History of the county of Perth from 1825 to 1902, Ontario, Canada - Free
With history of militia, agricultural evolution, towns, etc on the County of Perth.

The History of the County of Brant, Ontario, Canada - Free
"A history of the county; its townships. cities, towns, schools, churches, etc.; general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the six nation indians and Captain Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea); history of the dominion of Canada, miscellaneous hatters, etc, etc, etc."

History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia, Canada - Free
General county history of Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada.

History of the County of Lunenburg (microform), Nova Scotia, Canada - Free
First edition to the history of Lunenburg, Canada.

History of the County of Brant, Ontario, Canada - Free
Volumes of the history of Brant County, Canada with county history, Brantford history, and indian history.

A History of Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada - Free
Volume I & II of 'A History of Simcoe County' containing information on the pioneers and its public affairs.

Victoria County Centennial History, Ontario, Canada - Free
In celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the opening up of Victoria county this book was made. Inside are details on pioneer life, orgins of the social system, what our country's development has been determined by, etc.

Armory and Lineages of Canada - Free
The purpose of this work is to give a short sketch of the lineage of prominent persons in Canada in 1915, with notes of anything of interest or importance regarding any ancestor, and especially to record, briefly but permanently, the achievements of those who, having served their country with distinction, have passed away, but whose names should not be dropped or their deeds forgotten, as is necessarily the case in reference works the scope of which is limited to the living.

History and Genealogy of Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada - Free
Thomas Miller was a longtime resident in Colchester County, Nova Scotia. It was his intention at first to write only about his own kindred; but, having begun, he was led on to mention, nearly all the Grantees of the Townships of Truro, and some of Onslow and Londonderry, with their descendants, as far as he could gather information.

History of Thompson Country, British Columbia, Canada - Free
This manuscript is basically a history of the area around Fort Thompson, British Columbia. Wade, Mark Sweeten. The Thompson country: being notes on the history of southern British Columbia, and particularly of the city of Kamloops, formerly Fort Thompson. Kamloops, British Columbia: Inland Sentinel Print, 1907.

History of the County of Middlesex, Ontario, Canada - Free
Middlesex County, Canada was settled by two distinct groups of people. Indians, who'd resided in that area for many centuries, and the Tories who avoided the call of duty against the country they still felt loyalty to. From the Six Nations tribes to these Tory settlers, this county was settled with ever changing loyalty between the British Crown and the new America.


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