Pioneer history of Bandera county, Texas

Bandera county has a wonderful history. During the seventy-five years that have passed since white people settled this region, history has been in the making. Many tragedies have been enacted, many privations endured, many dangers experienced during this long span of years three-quarters of a century. We have yet living with us some of the hardy pioneers that came with the first settlers, men and women who are today nearing the century mark, but still active and full of life. Volumes could be written to recount the deeds of daring, the thrilling experiences, the hardships and sufferings, the heroic achievements of the early settlers of Bandera county, and then much would be left untold. The rising generation ought to know something of the cost of the blessings we today enjoy, and it is the purpose of this volume to place on record a correct history of these pioneers, and tell of the sacrifices they made in order to redeem this great land from the hands of the roving bands of Indians who had always claimed it.

We cannot place a marble shaft at the head of the grave of each pioneer that has fallen in defense of the frontier, but we can place to record in a book a correct and authentic account of what our frontier people had to undergo. We cannot afford to leave things so sacred to memory alone, for time changes all things, and soon these matters would all go into the forgotten past, with the passing of the old pioneers. In this way we will hand it down to coming generations, and thus not only perpetuate the fondest memories of the friends of the past, but it will also be a source of interest and pleasure by bringing up those thrilling scenes, for their excitements give a spice to life that it would not have without them.


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It is pleasant and right to recount the noble deed's of our fathers, but far more pleasant to say something in praise of our gentle sisters, the heroines of the pioneer; she who rocked the cradle bed of childhood; our first, last and faithfullest friend. We would feel remiss in a chivalric duty did we fail to note her share in the great work of discovery and improvement, and it is only proper that we should record some encouraging word to her aspirations and advocate her claims to a just and proper place in the history of our great state. The trophies of the years that pass are a few immortalities gleaned from its sepulchre. Epochs, events, characters, that survive: oblivion is the common goal of the race. Whatever has contributed to human weal has been remembered, memorialized by cenotaph and mausoleum and remains with us on History's page. Their deeds shine on the pages of history like stars blazing in the night, and their achievements have long been celebrated in song and story. Romulus and Remus founded an empire and their names are immortal. Columbus discovered a new world and he stands unique in the sublime faith and courage which impelled him over an unknown sea.