History of Round Lake, Saratoga County, New York

As shown in the initial pages of this work, the French were the first explorers of the vast forest-clad region between the Mohawk and St. Lawrence rivers. The name, Saintonge, given it by Samuel de Champlain, in 1609, has, as I believe, been corrupted by mispronunciation into that of Saratoga. The so-called Indian name, Kayarossos, designating a part of its territory, is also derived from the French.

The information presented on the succeeding pages was obtained with considerable painstaking, particularly the numerous names which appear in the foot-notes. The publication of the work has been approved and sanctioned by the Round Lake Association.


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Round Lake, three miles in circumference, is picturesquely environed by gently sloping hills, woody knolls, and grassy meadows. Long Lake, four miles westward, disembogues by an outlet into Round Lake, which discharges its water through Anthony's Kill into the Hudson, seven miles eastward.