Short history of the London Rifle Brigade

Pending the full pre-war history, which is to be written by better hands, the very sketchy outline in Part I. is given in order to form the connecting link between the Regiment in peace, since its formation, and the present time. It does not attempt to give the smallest idea of the hard work, often accomplished under disadvantageous circumstances, carried out by ail ranks, which made possible the work done in the war. That the Regiment even now exists is solely due to Lieut.-Colonel Lord Bingham (now Brigadier-General the Earl of Lucan), whose cheery optimism through the dark times previous to the birth of the Territorial Force was such a great tower of strength.

October, 1916


Table of Contents

Part I... 1

Part II... 7

Second Battalion... 30

Third Battalion... 31

Administrative Centre... 33

Appendix A... 35

Appendix B... 39

Appendix C... 40

Appendix D... 45

Appendix E... 46

Appendix F... 47


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The London Rifle Brigade, formerly the 1st Formation. London Volunteer Rifle Corps (City of London Rifle Volunteer Brigade), and now, officially, the 5th (City of London) Battalion The London Regiment, London Rifle Brigade, familiarly known to its members and the public generally by the sub-title or the abbreviation "L.R.B.," was founded July 23rd, 1859, at a meeting convened by the Lord Mayor. It has always been intimately associated with the City of London, its companies being under the patronage of the various Wards.

Within a week of its formation the muster of the Regiment exceeded 1,800; two battalions were formed and headquarters were taken at No. 8, Great Winchester Street, where they remained for 34 years, and subsequently in Finsbury Pavement.