Beard's Directory and History of Marquette County, Michigan

In presenting this the first Directory of Marquette county to the public the compiler has necessarily encountered many difficulties always to be found in a new country.

It was the intention to publish the names of every male adult in the county, and a canvass was taken with that object in view but it was found highly impracticable. The population, especially amongst the laborers, is a floating one, and John Smith at work in one mine to-day, may be Tom Jones at work in another mine to-morrow. Consequently the names of those living in the principal towns have been published which we think will meet the wants of all interested in a Directory at present. The compiler desires to return thanks here for courtesies and assistance rendered by the citizens of Marquette County, where these favors have been so universal it is impossible to particularize individuals.


Table of Contents

Directory of Marquette 171

" of Negaunee 102
" of Ishpeming 133
" of Michigamme 150
" of Cherry Creek 162
" of Harvey 163
" of Humbolt 163
" of Champion 164
" of Clarksburg 164
" of Greenwood 164
Early History of Lake Superior 165
A sketch of some of the Mines and Furnaces of Lake Superior 201
Appendix 241


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It is now more than two centuries since civilized men penetrated the vast solitudes of the region of Lake Superior.

The history of the early explorations, missions, and settlements in this region is full of deep, romantic, and sometimes tragic interest. The particular site on which has sprung up the city of Marquette was not early brought into prominence. There were here no trading posts, missions, stations, or settlements, but Marquette has outstripped its elder sisters, and is now the metropolis of Lake Superior. In population, wealth, and business, and in its means of communication, it is far in advance of any other point upon the lake; and in a work devoted to this particular locality, it is eminently appropriate that there should be a reference to the early history of the whole region of which it is now the metropolis and principal city, and a reverent tribute to the men who here first planted the cross and especially to Father Marquette from whom it derived its name.

From the time when the footsteps of the white man first penetrated the forests of our commonwealth, until the power of France on our continent was terminated by the victory of Wolf on the plains of Abraham, the entire territory of Michigan was under the undisputed dominion of France. And virtually it remained a pan of Canada until 1796, when, under the provisions of Jay's treaty, it was surrendered to the United States.