Abbreviations Found within the Billerica, MA Vital Records

Abbreviations found within the Vital Records of Billerica, Massachusetts

a. — age
abt. — about
b. — born
ch. — child
chn. — children
Co. — county
C.R.1. — church record, First Congregational, Unitarian
C.R.2. — church record, Orthodox Congregational
C.R-3. — church record, First Baptist
d. — daughter; died; day
Dea. — deacon
dup. — duplicate entry
G.R.1. — gravestone record, Old South Cemetery
G.R.2. — gravestone record, North Cemetery
G.R.3. —gravestone record, Old Corner Burial Ground
G.R.4. — gravestone record, Hill Cemetery
G.R.5- —gravestone record. Fox Hill Cemetery
h. — husband
hrs. — hours
inf. — infant
Jr. — junior
m. — married; month
min. — minutes
M.R. — Middlesex County record, East Cambridge
P.R.1. — private record, from family Bible owned by William Thorndike Patten, of Lowell
P.R.2. — private record, from Gleason family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Mary Waterman, of Medford
prob. — probably
rec. — recorded
s. — son
Sr. — senior
w. — wife; week
wid. — widow
widr. —widower
y. — year
1st. — first
2d. — second
3d. — third

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