The History and Antiquities of Naseby, in the County of Northampton, England

The following local description is the production of a few hours amusement, abstracted from the duties of my professions; and it may be found useful in some respects as it may tend to elucidate particular circumstances which either have not been know, or not well remembered.

Naseby, on several accounts, is very conspicuous in history, and its natural productions are various and leasing. It affords to a contemplative mind, recreation substantial and instructive, and acts its part in the demonstration of a God. In botany it excels: producing a plant, not to be found in any other part of this island. Its fossils, springs, peat-earth, &c. are of no small note, having attracted the attention of a very eminent writer. I have endeavored, as much as possible, to collect, and bring into one point of view, the various occurrences of nature and incident, and its revolutions in history, both ecclesiastical and civil; and to relate them to the most plain and simple manner.


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A very remarkable circumstance, and well worth recording, happened to a man of the name of Corby, a farmer of this place, at seventy years of age he had an entire new and regular set of teeth cut, which grew to a proper size, and continued firm and good to the time of his death, so good, to use his son's expressions, (now living) that he would quarrel with his family for crusts. He died in the ninety-fourth year of his age.