Bi-centennial History of Albany. History of the County of Albany, New York


This volume is the work of many writers. It will therefore exhibit various characteristics of style, and each writer will be responsible only for what he wrote, and the Editor-in-Chief answers only for the outward form of expression, and not for the substance of the narrative.

The publishers have shown no little perseverance in overcoming obstacles in the progress of the work, and have spared no pains or expense to secure a valuable history for the subscribers and the public.

An exhaustive history of Albany and its many thousands of citizens would need twenty volumes of the size of this to include a full history of all the men, women and events that have contributed both directly and indirectly to its history and present prosperity.

A Judicious selection of material has, therefore, been found necessary, and even some pruning to make publication possible.

The issue of the work has been delayed beyond our hopes and expectations simply on account of the immense labor in accumulating facts and reducing them to a connected narrative.

Not only was it necessary to embody here for the present generation the history of the past, but also to present a pen picture of what Albany and Schenectady Counties are at the present time for the benefit of future generations.

It has been the aim of the publishers to have given also biographies of some of the representative men of all professions, and a representative exhibit of the various industries in the two counties.

It is the hope of all concerned in the book that a valuable contribution to the history of two of the oldest counties in the State is nowoffered to the public.

The part we have performed in the preparation of this History of the County and City of Albany is indicated at the headings of the principal divisions and in the Table of Contents. The labor involved in this planning, writing and editing is far greater than we had anticipated, or than any but a careful historian can appreciate.

We have had valuable aid in special contributions from writers whose names are given; and many others have contributed facts and suggestions which have been gratefully received.

We have sought for "the truth of history" from every source in our reach, and patiently gathered what seemed best fitted to our purpose.

We could have made a smaller volume, but many facts and factors demanded recognition. More easily we could have made a larger one, but duty to our worthy publishers urged all possible condensation.

We think all will notice with approval the strictly topical presentation and discussion of our subjects. We have tried to make a book of facts, well selected, and well arranged. We have sacrificed nothing to figures of speech or "words of learned length."

We commit this volume, with its excellencies and defects, to the friends who have encouraged us, and whom we have tried to please; and to no one with more confidence than to the honest and faithful student of history, who will most readily appreciate what is good and pardon what is faulty in it.


Table of Contents

I. Outline History of the State of New York 1-11
II. History of the County of Albany 12-432
III. United States Buildings and Institutions 433-441
IV. State Buildings and Officers in Albany Co. 441-457
V. History of the City of Albany 458-774

Towns and Villages of Albany County
General Index to History of Albany County



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In 1524, John de Verazzano, a Florentine navigator in the service of Francis I. of France, made a voyage to the North American coast, and, as is believed from the account which he gave, entered the harbor of New York. No colonies were planted; no results followed; and the voyage was almost forgotten.