Racine County in the World War, Wisconsin

Preparation of this volume was begun primarily in the interest of the former service men of Racine County. It was realized as early as January, 1919, that immediate steps must be taken to collect their records while the facts were still obtainable, or the task would become impossible of accomplishment.


Table of Contents

Chapter I
The Outbreak of the War 15

Chapter II
Racine County Prior to Hostilities 19

Chapter III
Preparing to Fight 23

Chapter IV
Navy Clears for Action 27

Chapter V
Racine National Guardsmen Called 29

Chapter VI
Volunteers Join the Colors 35

Chapter VII
Racine and the Selective Service Law 39

Chapter VIII
Training Camps in America 51

Chapter IX
Protection at Home 53

Chapter X
Racine County Council of Defense 57

Chapter XI
Women's Committee, County Council of Defense 67

Chapter XII
American Protective League 75

Chapter XIII
Semi-Official Auxiliary Organizations 85

Chapter XIV
Racine's Financial Offering 91

Chapter XV
Racine Chapter, American Red Cross 112

Chapter XVI
Saving Food to Win the War 133

Chapter XVII
The Effect of the War on Home Life 158

Chapter XVIII
Clubs, Societies, Politics and Incidents 171

Chapter XIX
Effect of War on Racine Industries 181

Chapter XX
The A. E. F. in Battle 197

Chapter XXI
The Navy in Action 213

Chapter XXII
Battery C, 121st Field Artillery 225

Chapter XXIII
Battery F, 121st Field Artillery 235

Chapter XXIV
The Racine Ambulance Company 247

Chapter XXV
Facts Regarding Various Branches of the Army 263

Chapter XXVI
Soldier's Songs; Getting Wounded 287

Chapter XXVII
A Racine Man's Experiences in the Army 295

Chapter XXVIII
The End of the War 319

Chapter XXIX
How Wounded Men are Cared For 324

Chapter XXX
Some Letters from Men in Service 330

Chapter XXXI
The Soldiers' Return: Veterans' Societies 349
The War in Pictures 361

Chapter XXXII
Incidents of All Sorts From Everywhere 401

Chapter XXXIII
Some Figures and Facts About Casualties and War 417

Chapter XXXIV
The Wonderful Occasion of a Supply Train Wreck 425

Chapter XXXV
Work of Welfare Associations 432
Died in Service 435

Chapter XXXVI
Records of Men and Women in Service 467


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