A history of Rockingham county, Virginia


Table of Contents



I. Geography of Rockingham County.
II. Geological Features.
III. First White Settlers: 1727-1738.
IV. Rockingham as Part of Augusta: 1738-1777.
V. The New County and the New Nation: 1777-1820.
VI. A Growing Community: 1820-1860.
VII. Rockingham in the Civil War: 1861-1865.
VIII. The Days of Reconstruction: 1865-1876.
IX. From 1876 to 1912.
X. Rockingham To-Day.

PART II. - Topical.

XI. Towns and Villages of Rockingham.
XII. Roads and Railroads.
XIII. Race Elements and Population.
XIV. Churches and Religious Life.
XV. Education and Schools.
XVI. Charitable Institutions.
XVII. Writers and Printers: Books and Periodicals.
XVIII. Singers of Rockingham.
XIX. Rockingham Statesmen and Jurists.
XX. Farms and Farmers.
XXI. Domestic Arts and Manufacturing Enterprises.
XXII. Banks and Banking.
XXIII. Health Resorts.
XXIV. Natural Curiosities.
XXV. Hunting in the Western Mountains.
XXVI. Boating on the Shenandoah River.
XXVII. Court Days of Long Ago.
XXVIII. Some Interesting Incidents:

Spotswood's Expedition of 1716 and the University Pageant of 1909.
The Coming of the Lincolns.
Daniel Boone on Linville Creek.
Valentine Sevier's Sale Bill.
The Influenza of 1806-7.
A Case of Body-Snatching.
A Visit to Philadelphia in 1847.
Death of Ashby: 1862.
Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic.
Killing of John Kline: 1864.
Death of Meigs: 1864.
The Thurman Movement.
Sidney Lanier at Rockingham Springs.
A Fence Corner Council.


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As at first constituted in 1777, Rockingham County embraced the greater part of what is now Pendleton County, W. Va., and about a third part of what is now Page County, Va. Pendleton County was established in 1787: this transferred the northwest boundary of Rockingham some 25 miles southeastward that is, from the Alleghany Mountain to its present position on the Shenandoah Mountain. Page County was established in 1831: this cut out from the east corner of Rockingham the big notch already mentioned.