Virginia Genealogy

Our heritage: Black history: Princess Anne County, Virginia Beach, Virginia - Free
A pictorial history of Princess Anne County, Virginia

History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County, Virginia - Free
Information on Elizabeth City County and Hampton, Virginia.

Augusta County, Virginia - Free
"In the history of the United States."

History of Tazewell county and southwest Virginia - Free
General history of Virginia and Tazewell county from 1748-1920 in six sections.

History of southwest Virginia, 1746-1786, Washington County, 1777-1870 - Free
General history of Washington county and history of Virginia.

History and comprehensive description of Loudoun County, Virginia - Free
Containing descriptive, statistical and historical information on Loudoun County, Virginia.

Sketches of Wood county, Virginia - Free
"Its Early History; As embraced in and connected with other Counties of West Virginia. Also brief accounts of First Settlers; and their Descendants. Including accounts of its Soils, Timber, Minerals, Water, and Material Wealth."

A history of Rockingham county, Virginia - Free
With two parts on Rockingham county, Virginia: chronological and topical.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography - Free
In 1915, Lyon Gardiner Tyler wrote three volumes and edited two additional volumes dedicated to Virginia Biography. His intention was to cover biographies of important Virginians from the founding of the colony until the present time of publication (1915). The entire work includes more then 2000 pages of biographies of Virginians who were influential in the early history of Virginia.

Students of the University of Virginia - Free
This manuscript is a directory of the students enrolled in the University of Virginia up to 1878. While the title denotes that the work contains short biographies, that is an overstatement. Readers, however, shall find mention of over 10,000 names, along with brief facts about each person, up to the time of publication (1878).

History of Fredericksburg, Virginia - Free
Silvanus Quinn penned a volume in the early 1900's on the history of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Largely a historical volume, genealogists will find of interest mentions of early settlers of the area around Fredericksburg, as well as some biographies of some distinguished men who were buried at Fredericksburg, Virginia. Quinn, Silvanus J., The History of the City of Fredericksburg Virginia. Richmond, Hermitage Press, 1908.

History of Augusta County, Virginia - Free
A county remote from the first scenes of European settlement in Virginia; not visited by whites until 1716; uncolonized till 1732, and organized less than a century and a half ago, appears to offer few materials for history. But that holds untrue. The history written by John Lewis Peyton delves into the first 150 years of existence of Augusta County. Besides the rich history, also provided for the genealogists are family genealogies, biographies of important people, and marriage records covering the early years of existence of the county.

History of Rockbridge County, Virginia - Free
There is but one Rockbridge County in the United States. The unique name is due to a great natural curiosity within its limits. The position of the county is nearly midway in the longer direction of the Valley of Virginia. The latitudeómostly to the south of the thirty-eighth paralleló is that of the center of Kentucky, the south of Missouri, and the center of California.