Memorial and biographical history of Dallas County, Texas


Table of Contents


George Washington 9
John Adams 14
Thomas Jefferson 20
James Madison 26
James Monroe 32
John Quincy Adams 38
Andrew Jackson 47
Martin Van Buren 52
William Henry Harrison 56
John Tyler 60
James K. Polk 64
Zachary Taylor 68
Millard Fillmore 73
Franklin Pierce 76
James Buchanan 80
Abraham Lincoln 84
Andrew Johnson 93
Ulysses S. Grant 96
R B. Hayes 102
J. A. Garfield 109
Chester A. Arthur 113
Grover Cleveland 117
Benjamin Harrison 120


In General 125
Geology 129
Indians 136
Early Settlers 147
Organization of the County 181
Courthouses 199
Jail 202
Dallas Bar 203
Medical 204
Dallas County in the Mexican War 209
Dallas County in the Civil War 212
Trinity River Navigation 236
Railroad Facilities 245
State Fair, etc 247
County Schools 271
Post Offices in the County 271
Dallas City 272
Lancaster 329
Garland 331
Mesquite 333
Cedar Hill 335
Richardson 337



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George Washington, the "Father of his Country" and its first President, 1789-'97, was born February 22, 1732, in Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father, Augustine Washington, first married Jane Butler, who bore him four children, and March 6, 1730, he married Mary Ball. Of six children by his second marriage, George was the eldest, the others being Betty, Samuel, John, Augustine, Charles and Mildred, of whom the youngest died in infancy. Little is known of the early years of Washington, beyond the fact that the house in which he was born was burned during his early child- hood, and that his father thereupon moved to another farm, inherited from his paternal ancestors, situated in Stafford County, on the north bank of the Rappahannock, where he acted as agent of the Principio Iron Works in the immediate vicinity, and died there in 1743.