History of Frackville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

The object of the author in the preparation of this work is simply to furnish the citizens of Frackville, and surrounding community, with such facts as every one ought to know. Knowledge is essential to interest. This is as true in the relation of the citizen to the community as it is in any other. The more knowledge we possess of the facts which enter into the makeup of the community in which we live, the more interest will we have in that which tends towards its welfare. But besides the creating of a greater interest in the borough of Frackville by a better knowledge of its history, it is always well to have at hand a book of historical reference. In this not only the town as a whole, but a majority of its institutions, such as the churches, schools, &c. are very deficient. With a view of at least partially meeting these demands the author sends forth this work in the hope that it may accomplish the mission for which it is intended, and asks the kind consideration of an ever indulgent public.


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Broad Mountain, a plateau some eighteen hundred feet above tide water, having an area of between seventy and eighty square miles, is one of a succession of mountain chains running nearly parallel, from northeast to southwest, through Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. These topographical features being the result of a wave-like movement in the early geological formation of the earth's surface, are peculiarly interesting both to the man of science, and to the artist. Nowhere can he find a more fruitful field for his research, or in which to inspire the highest ideal of the beautiful in nature.