A history of Columbia County, Pennsylvania

If the time and labor which have been required to prepare this volume for the press had been fully foreseen, it would not have been undertaken. Those who are the most competent judges of what has been done, will be the first to excuse and overlook what may have been left undone. If it had been attempted many years ago, while the actors in our early history were still alive much valuable information might have been recovered which is now forever lost. We have at this day only glimpses of the early times and the actors in them. Diligent inquiry has in some cases been rewarded, but in most cases no information has been vouch safed. For substantial reasons the publication could not be longer delayed, and what has been gathered is here presented.

An examination of the table of contents will give full knowledge of the subject matter; and the extended and exhaustive index will enable the reader to turn readily to any subject he may wish to look over. The body of the book will sufficiently show the authorities and persons to whom I have been indebted for assistance and information in the compilation of the work; and it is only necessary here to tender them my most sincere thanks.

The publishers have been at considerable expense in illustrating the work, thus rendering it more valuable and entertaining.


Table of Contents

Early History 1
The Rivers 9
The Forts 13
Indian Purchases 35
Organization of the County 39
Streams and Mountains 46
Improvements and Productions 52
Townships and Boroughs 55
Population 59
Removal 65
Election Returns 74
Bloomsburg 85
Berwick 96
Catawissa 101
Jerseytown 198
Smaller Towns 113
The Courts 122
Biographies of President Judges 130
Normal School 151
Common Schools 167
Agricultural Society 181
Poor Houses 184
Bibliography 187
Madame Montour 195
Post Offices 206
Legislative Representation 209
Military Record 235


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