History of Morrow County and Ohio

For several months past, our historians, W.H. Perrin and J.H. Battle, have been actively engaged in compiling the history of Morrow County, upon the pages of which much time and labor have been expended. They have traced the tedious journey of the pioneer from homes of comfort and refinement in the older settled States to the unbroken wilds of the West. They have noted the rearing of cabins, the clearing of the forests, the privations of the early settlements, the heroic fortitude with which the pioneer surmounted these obstacles, and the patient toil that has "made the wilderness to rejoice and blossom as the rose;" they have marked the coming of the schoolmaster, and that greater teacher, the faithful minister of the cross ; the rise of the school house and church, and their great influence in molding society. This work has been undertaken in the belief that there is a proper demand that the events which relate to the early times should find a permanent record, and with what fidelity to facts, and with what patience of research the task has been accomplished, is left to the judgment of a discriminating public, in whose keeping the traditions of that day remain, and for whom the work was undertaken. We have availed ourselves of such historical manuscripts and published records as were found, but our chief resource for information has been the traditions that have been handed down from one generation to another. These we have generally been able to verify from other sources, but m some not essential particulars, we have been obliged to depend upon tradition alone, and may thus have sanctioned some errors. These, it is believed, will be found of trifling importance. and the favorable judgment of the public obtained upon the essential correctness and completeness of this volume as a history of Morrow County.


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History of the State of Ohio.

History of Morrow County.

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The Scioto is one of the largest inland streams in the State, and is one of the most beautiful rivers. It rises in Hardin County, flows southeasterly to Columbus, where it receives its largest affluent, the Olentangy or Whetstone, after which its direction is southerly until it enters the Ohio at Portsmouth. It flows through one of the richest valleys in the State, and has for its companion the Ohio and Erie Canal, for a distance of ninety miles. Its tributaries are, besides the Whetstone, the Darby, Walnut and Paint Creeks.