History of Athens County, Ohio

Athens county as established in 1805, contained one thousand and fifty-three square miles, or about thirty regular surveyed townships, and included five townships now belonging to Meigs county, viz: Columbia, Scipio, Bedford, Orange, and Olive townships; two now belonging to Morgan county, viz: Homer and Marion; three now belonging to Hocking county, viz: Ward, Green, and Starr; and seven now belonging to Vinton, viz: Brown, Swan, Elk, Madison, Knox, Clinton, and Vinton townships; and a strip of land about ten miles long and one mile wide now belonging to Washington county.

The manuscript provided below was written in 1869 by Charles Manning Walker and describes the first 61 years of Athens County history. Inclusive in the book are lists of prominent positions for each town, as well as biographies of the "leading men" of each town. Also included, are short histories of the county and each town remaining in 1869.

Table of Contents

Indian Occupation of Ohio
The Ohio Company
From 1787 to 1796
From 1797 to 1805
Athens County
Town and Township of Athens
The Ohio University
Alexander Township
Ames Township
Bern Township
Canaan Township
Carthage Township
Dover Township
Lee Township
Lodi Township
Rome Township
Trimble Township
Troy Township
Waterloo Township
York Township


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Dunmore's War

"Dunmore's war" was the designation applied to a series of bloody hostilities between the whites and Indians during the year 1774. It was the culmination of the bitter warfare that had been waged with varying success between the frontier population of Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the Delawares, Iroquois, Wyandots, and other tribes of Indians. One of the most noted of the many massacres of that period was that of Logan's family by the whites, and, in retaliation, the swift vengeance of the Mingo chief upon the white settlements on the Monongahela, where, in the language of his celebrated speech, he "fully glutted his vengeance."

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