A centennial biographical history of Champaign county, Ohio

Out of the depths of his mature wisdom Carlyle wrote, "History is the essence of innumerable biographies." Believing this to be the fact, there is no necessity of advancing any further reason for the compilation of such a work as this, if reliable history is to be the ultimate object.

Champaign County, Ohio, has sustained within its confines men who have been prominent in public affairs and great industrial enterprises for almost a century. The annals teem with the records of strong and noble manhood, and, as Sumner has said, "the true grandeur of nations is in those qualities which constitute the greatness of the individual." The final causes which shape the fortunes of individuals and the destinies of States are often the same. They are usually remote and obscure, and their influence scarcely perceived until manifestly declared by results. That nation is the greatest which produces the greatest and most manly men and faithful women; and the intrinsic safety of a community depends not so much upon methods as upon that normal development from the deep resources of which proceeds all that is precious and permanent in life. But such a result may not consciously be contemplated by the actors in the great social drama. Pursuing each his personal good by exalted means, they work out as a logical result.

The elements of success in life consist in both innate capacity and determination to excel. Where either is wanting, failure is almost certain in the outcome. The study of a successful life, therefore, serves both as a source of information and as a stimulus and encouragement to those who have the capacity. As an important lesson in this connection we may appropriately quote Longfellow, who said: "We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while we judge others by what they have already done." A faithful personal history is an illustration of the truth of this observation.

In this biographical history the editorial staff, as well as the publishers, have fully realized the magnitude of the task. In the collection of the material there has been a constant aim to discriminate carefully in regard to the selection of subjects. Those who have been prominent factors in the public, social and industrial development of the county have been given due recognition as far as it has been possible to secure the requisite data. Names worthy of perpetuation here, it is true, have in several instances been omitted, either on account of the apathy of those concerned or the inability of the compilers to secure the information necessary for a symmetrical sketch; but even more pains have been taken to secure accuracy than were promised in the prospectus. Works of this nature, therefore, are more reliable and complete than are the "standard" histories of a country.



Abbott, William J., 166
Anderson, James W., 160
Anderson, John J., 205
Aughinbaugh, Barnet A., 197

Bailar, Mrs. Julia. A., 141
Bailar, William F., 140
Baker, C. A., 355
Baker, Lyman E., 586
Banta, Edgar G., 177
Barger, Frederick N., 665
Barnett, Samuel, 569
Behney, Christopher, 518
Berry, Thomas C., 339
Berry, Thomas H., 336
Black, Charles B., 236
Black, Elias P., 402
Black, James W., 77
Black, John R., 525
Black, Peter, 302
Blose, James I., 416
Blose, William, 112
Brand, Frank W., 634
Brand, John F., 637
Brand, Joseph C. 628
Brand, Thomas, 629
Brand, Thomas T., 631
Brand, Thomas T., Jr., 635
Brelsford, Charles, 143
Brittin, Lewis, 22
Butcher, John C, 559

Calland, William, 555
Chamberlin, Joseph, 51
Chance, Frank, 320
Cheetham, James K., 256
Cheney, E. Erwood, 342
Cheney, James H., 42
Clark, John H., 453
Clem, David, 156
Coffey, Joseph, 31
Colbert, Isaiah H., 596
Colwell, Calvin F., 17
Colwell, Peter E., 353
Cook, Harry, 623
Coulson, Joseph, 723
Cowgill, Samuel, 395
Cowgill, Thomas A., 182
Craig, Claude C., 154
Craig, Harrison, 170
Crain, James L., 422
Crane, Marcus H., 713
Crawford, Frank J., 15
Criffield, George W., 406
Crow, Horace M., 607
Crow, Thomas D., 306
Crowl, William, 486

Dagger, Charles, 553
Dagger, Jacob, 105
Daniels, Perry. 657
Davis, J. E., 291
Davis, John R., 546
Davis, Joseph W., 538
Deaton, Sherman S., 428
Dibble, Robert B., 719
Dickinson, Martin M., 103
Diltz, Isaac N., 529
Eichelberger, George M., 327
Enoch, John, 466

Fairchild, Ora, 710
Fairchild, Simeon D., 698
Frank, David, 592
Fromme, Grant V., 537
Fulton, James W., 252
Funk, Aaron B., 460
Fyffe, Edward P., 11
Fyffe, Joseph, 12

Galligher, Michael, 344
Ganson, Charles II., 440
Gaumer, Edward B., 330
Gaumer, Thomas M., 90
Gehman, William M., 385
Goul, John, 149
Gowey, Hartland D., 548
Gross, August T., 231
Grove, Shepherd B., 234
Guthridge, Marion, 535
Guy, Charles W., 455
Guy, Edward A., 400

Hagenbuch, Edwin, 293
Halterman, Isaac, 86
Hance, John P., 258
Hanna, Elijah, 364
Happersett, Isaac B., 709
Marian, John, 134
Harris, Benjamin F., 282
Hedges, Emory, 66
Heiserman, Clarence B., 677
Henderson, Robert, 309
Hitt, John W., 715
Hitt, Samuel W., 349
Hodge, John H., 567
Hopkins, A. G., 418
Horr, Jacob, 118
Houser, Daniel C, 599
Hull, Benjamin F., 571
Hull, Daniel J., 347
Hunter, Calvin R., 152
Hunter, John M., 221
Hunter, Thomas E., 635
Hupp, George W., 717
Hyde, William F., 76

James, Daniel, 284
Jenkins, Oliver P., 551
Jennings, Absalom C, 46
Jennings, Edward, 59
Johnson, David J., 62
Johnson, James B., 317
Johnson, Nelson B., 124
Johnson, Silas, 495
Jones, Caleb, 431

Kenaga, John W., 408
Kenfield, David, 271
Kenton, Gabriel, 590
Kenton, Simon, 579
Kiser, G. R., 381
Kizer, Isaiah P., 19
Kizer, Jason, 674
Klapp, George S., 261
Knight, John P., 473

Lauppe, Charles, 497
Lee, James A., 449
Logan, John., 420
Longfellow, Joseph E., 286
Loudenback, Abraham P., 366
Loudenback, Jonas, 684
Loudenback, Lewis C, 243
Loudenback, Washington, 533
Madden, Benjamin M., 94
Magrew, Hamilton, 208
Magruder, Vesalius S., 410
Marvin, Clitus H., 230
Marvin, William B., 231
Marvin, William H, 226
Mast, Joseph K., 379
McCarty, Enoch, 192
Mel arty, Thomas, 122
McClellan, Elwood S., 601
McClellan, Hiram, 605
McConnell, Thomas, 706
McCrea, George G., 652
McDonald, Duncan B., 576
Mcllvaine, James F., 445
McKinney, Tulley, 574
McLaughlin, Claience M., 478
McMorran, Jacob, 188
Middleton, A. H., 669
Middleton, Evan P., 323
Miller, Benjamin R., 110
Miller, Cyrus., 420
Moody, John R., 465
Moore, William, 530
Morgan, Maskell E., 437
Moses, Joseph S., 499
Mosgrove, Adam, 620
Mosgrove, James M., 276
Mosgrove, Samuel M., 372
Moulton, R. C., 661
Murphey, Roger H., 266
Neer, Adam, 26
Neer, Fred, 362
Neer, John P., 500
Neer, Jonathan S., 694
Noble, Orville, 358
Norman, John C., 688

O'Brine, David, 696
Offenbacher, Charles A., 179
Organ, Charles F., 714
Owen, Thomas B., 563

Pangborn, William C., 296
Patrick, Frank B., 233
Patrick, Mrs. Maria, 164
Patrick, William, 240
Pearce, A. B., 383
Pearce, Henry C., 172
Pearce, Henry M., 176
Pence, Elijah, 72
Perry, D. S., 659
Pickering, George W., 300
Pickering, R. H., 676
Poland, George W., 721
Porterfield, Homer, 664
Powell, James D., 510
Printz, Franklin, 25

Rawlings, Thomas, 580
Ream, George, 523
Ring, William F., 340
Rock, William M., 223
Rouse, William, 557
Runyon, John H., 200
Russell, Joseph G, 703
Rutan, Daniel W., 136

Sanders, Robert, 374
Sarver, Jacob S., 92
Saxbe, Martin b., 681
Sceva, John C, 388
Scott, Asa N., 87
Seaton, John A., 447
Shanely, Christian, 640
Shanely, David, 649
Shanely, Isaac, 651
Shanley, Jacob, 644
Shanley, John, 647
Shockey, Abraham, 595
Shrigley, Wintield T., 68
Sibley, Warren D., 126
Slusser, Samuel, 55
Smith, Azro, 433
Smith, John N., 40
Snapp, Benjamin, 251
Snodgrass, Morton M., 368
Sowers, Samuel K., 33
Spain, James F., 520
Speece, William, 274
Stickley, Philip L., 392
Stone, Ferdinand F., 588
Stone, Samuel L. P., 480

Talbot, Marion, 399
Talbott, George A., 194
Taylor, Alfred F., 74
Taylor, Charles O., 132
Taylor, Oliver, 129
Taylor, Simeon, 507
Thatcher, Jonathan, 96
Thomas, Ivan B., 81
Thomas, John H., 492
Thomas, Marion W., 614
Thomas, William, 488
Thompson, William, 101
Todd, David, 625
Todd, David W., 36
Todd, John E., 564
Todd, Thomas M., 627
Toomire, John W., 561
Tritt, Randolph, 396

Vance, Alexander F., 279
Vance, Alexander F., Jr., 246
Ward, William, 671
Warnock, William R., 263
Weaver, George A., 701
West, Mrs. Hester, 457
Whetsel, Fenton, 412
Wh.tmore, Simon W., 312
Williams, Milo G., 214
Williams, Richard Du Val, 603
Wilson, Andrews, 106
Wilson, Ebenezer, 686
Wilson, William H., 692
Wilson, W. W., .609
Woodcock, Elijah T., 611

Yeisley, John W., 83
Young, John H., 311
Ziegler, Augustus M., 116
Zimmer, Frank A., 672
Zirkle, Samuel, 667


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Edward P. Fyffe was born in Urbana, April 23, 1810, and was a son of William II. and Maximilla 1 Petty) Fyffe. The father was a native of Virginia and emigrated to Kentucky, whence he afterward came to Urbana in 1805. Here he was married to a daughter of Joseph Petty, one of the first settlers of the city.

In the early schools of Urbana, Colonel Fyffe acquired his preliminary education and was later a cadet at West Point for a short time. In 1846 he was graduated in medicine and was engaged in practice at the time the Civil war was inaugurated. He served with distinction. rose to the rank of colonel and was brevetted brigadier-general.