History of Halifax County

In September, 1915, Mrs. W. C. Allen, at the time, President of the Junius Daniel Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, of Weldon, suggested to the chapter the idea of writing the history of Halifax County as the year's work. The membership responded enthusiastically to the suggestion and unanimously decided to begin the task.

An outline of the county's history was made and topics assigned for investigation. The following members contributed papers : Mesdames Ida Wilfcins, W. E. Daniel, J. W. Sledge, J. A. Johnston, Lee Johnson, J. A. Musgrove, W. A. Pierce, 0. W. Pierce, J. W. Pierce, T. C. Harrison, J. S. Turner, L. C. Draper, R. S. Travis, John Zouicoffer, W. L. Knight, Ashby Dunn, H. D. Allen, W. T. Shaw, and Misses Mary Sledge, Julia Rhem, Laura Powers, and Annie Musgrove. These papers, together with notes and additions by the editor, constitute the story as it appears in this volume. In order to secure harmony of expression the editor has had to rewrite most of the material that was handed in. He has had also to verify the facts in order to be sure that there should be no misstatements. It is believed that a true story of the county is herein given.


Table of Contents



I. The Original Inhabitants 3
II. The Evolution of the County 6
III. Early Settlements 9
IV. Formation of the County 14
V. Forerunners of the Regulator Movement 18
VI. Mutterings of the Coming Storm 21
VII. Leading up to the Revolution 26
VIII. Halifax County and National Independence 30
IX. National Independence Proclaimed in Halifax 36
X. The Birthplace of the State Constitution 40
XI. Early Days of the Revolution 44
XII. Halifax County and the American Navy 48
XIII. Passing Events 52
XIV. The British Occupation of Halifax 56
XV. Years Succeeding the Revolution 62
XVI. Halifax County and the National Constitution 65
XVII. First Two Decades of the Nineteenth Century 69
XVIII. The Visit of Lafayette 73
XIX. Intellectual Development 76
XX. Social and Economic Development 80
XXI. Coming of the Railroads 86
XXII. "Royal White Hart Lodge" 92
XXIII. Events Leading to the Civil War 99
XXIV. In the Legislative Halls of the State 102
XXV. The Call to Arms 106
XXVI. War's Alarms 110
XXVII. The Construction and Service of the Albemarle 115
XXVIII. Closing Incidents of the War 121
XXIX. Reconstruction Days 128
XXX. Since Reconstruction Days 132
XXXI. Some Odds and Ends of History 136
XXXII. Summary 143


Builders of the County

I. Joseph Montford 149
II. John Baptista Ashe 151
III. Willie Jones 153
IV. William R. Davie 156
V. James Hogan 162
VI. Samuel Weldon 165
VII. John Haywood 165
VIII. Willis Alston 168
IX. Willis Alston, Jr 169
X. Nicholas Long 170
XI. Orondates Davis 171
XII. John Bradford 172
XIII. John Paul Jones 173
XIV. Abraham Hodge 176
XV. John Branch 177
XVI. Hutchings G. Burton 181
XVII. Joseph J. Daniel 183
XVIII. John R. J. Daniel 185
XIX. Bynum and Potter 186
XX. Bartholomew F. Moore 188
XXI. Andrew Joyner 190
XXII. Lawrence O'Bryan Branch 192
XXIII. Edward Conigland 194
XXIV. Junius Daniel 196
XXV. Francis M. Parker 201
XXVI. Spier Whitaker 202
XXVII. Walter N. Allen 204
XXVIII. Thomas L. Emry 206
XXIX. Richard H. Smith 209
XXX. George Green Lynch 212
XXXI. Thomas N. Hill 215
XXXII. Peter Evans Smith 218
XXXIII. Robert O. Burton, D. D. 220
XXXIV. Robert O. Burton, Jr 223
XXXV. William T. Shaw, Jr 227
Others Who Have Wrought 229


Map of Halifax County 8
Whitfield Avenue, Enfield, N.C. 16
Grave of Joseph Montford 24
Continental Currency 32
George Washington 40
John Paul Jones 48
Battle between the Serapis and Bonhomme Richard 56
William R. Davie 64
John Haywood 72
Lafayette's Return 80
The Roanoke River, near Weldon, N.C. 88
Royal White Hart Lodge 96
B.F.Moore 104
Confederate Monument, Weldon, N.C. 112
William R. Cox 120
The General Davis Home, Halifax, N.C. 128
Old Trinity Church, Scotland Neck, N.C. 136
The Grove House 144
Reception to Washington 152
The Roanoke Mills, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 160
A Typical Southern Scene 168
Washington Avenue, Weldon, N.C. 176
Colonial Cemetery, Halifax, N.C. 184
Main Street, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 192
One of the Good Roads, Halifax County, N.C. 200
Court House, Halifax, N.C. 208
M. W. Ransom 216
Main Street, Littleton, N.C. 224

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There are six towns of considerable importance, namely, Enfield, Halifax, Roanoke Rapids, Rosemary, Scotland Neck, and Weldon. Besides these, there are Hobgood, Tillery, Palmsyra, Hollister, Ringwood, and Thelma. Littleton, a town of much importance, is partly in Halifax and partly in Warren County. Halifax has the distinction of having been at different times the seat of government of the province and afterwards of the new State. It also has the higher distinction of being the birthplace of the State Constitution and where the famous Independence Resolutions were passed April 12, 1776. Enfield is the oldest town in the county and was for several years the seat of Edgecombe County when it included Halifax. Enfield was also for a number of years the site of the district court of the counties of Edgecombe, Granville, Bute, and Northampton.