The history of Nutley, Essex County, New Jersey

As I have worked upon the historical material of Nutley, some suggestions have occurred to me which I should like to send forth with this little book.

The first suggestion is that a public place be appointed for the preservation of all historical material pertaining to the town. This should be not only for old documents of all sorts, but for the matter of the present day, for history in the making. The Public School Library might possibly have an Antiquarian Department and a Nutley Alcove. The Alcove should have not only shelves for Nutley authors, but files for all kinds of Nutleyana.

Another suggestion is, that our small connection with the Revolution and with the Civil War be no longer ignored. Neither monument nor tablet stands within the town limits. A simple tablet on the River Road might record the passing of Washington's army along that old highway; while the entrance hall of one of Nutley's public buildings might at least show the list of the Franklin men who were enrolled in the Union armies. Even though more than half the veterans are dead, it is not too late to give their names a place of honor in the town.

My thanks are extended to the group of "paperwriters" whose confidence and cordial co-operation have made possible this small public work, and to the society whose enthusiasm has undertaken its publication. With such faithful friends and fellow-workers, the dream of a year ago became easily the reality of to-day.


Table of Contents

History of Nutley
Civil Organization
Societies, Associations and Clubs
Public Utilities


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In January, 1906, a number of the members of the Woman's Public School Auxiliary and of the teachers of Nutley met to organize a Literary Section of the Auxiliary for the purpose of studying History. It was resolved to begin with the history of our own town.