History of Carroll County, New Hampshire

From innumerable sources of information, many of them broken, fragmentary, and imperfect, from books, manuscripts, records, and private documents, we have gathered much of value respecting this land of Carroll and its savage and civilized occupancy. In our labors we have endeavored to separate truth from error, fact from fiction, as they come down to us from the half-forgotten days in legend, tradition, and the annals of the past.

We express our thanks to those who have willingly given of their time and labor to aid us; to those who have contributed the illustrations, thereby adding much to the value of this work; to those whose cheering words and earnest assistance have ever been at our service; and to all, for the uniform courtesy extended unto us during our sojourn in this most picturesque of counties.


Table of Contents

II. Geology 4
III. Geology. (Continued) 8
IV. Minerals 16
V. Flora 19
VI. Indian History 23
VII. Early History 39
VIII. Early Land Grants, Titles, etc. 44
IX. Early Settlers 50
X. Primitive Manners and Customs 55
XI. Roads 63
XII. Revolutionary Period and War of 1812 73
XIII. White Mountains 87
XIV. Scenery, Attractions, Traditions and Legends of Carroll 101
XV. Scenery, Attractions, Traditions and Legends of Carroll. - (Continued) 109
XVI. Scenery, Attractions, Traditions and Legends of Carroll. - (Concluded) 125
XVII. Military History 134
XVIII. Masonic, Odd Fellow, Medical, and Temperance Organizations 186
XIX. Newspapers and Manufactures 221
XX. State and County Officials 232
XXI. Courts and County Buildings 238
XXII. Courts, Lawyers, and Notable Trials 242
XXIII. Wolfeborough 270
XXIV. Wolfeborough. (Continued) 296
XXV. Wolfeborough. (Continued) 312
XXVI. Wolfeborough. (Continued) 325
XXYII. Wolfeborough. (Continued) 347
XXVIII. Wolfeborough. (Concluded) 356
XXIX. Moultonborough 392
XXX. Moultonborough. (Continued) 306
XXXI. Moultonborough. (Continued) 401
XXXII. Moultonborough. (Continued) 407
XXXIII. Moultonborough. (Concluded) 410
XXXIV. Tuftonborough 422
XXXV. Tuftonborough. (Continued) 430
XXXVI. Tuftonborough. (Concluded) 436
XXXVII. Brookfield 450
XXVIII. Wakefield 462
XXXIX. Wakefield. (Continued) 468
XL. Wakefield. (Continued) 473
XLL. Wakefield. (Continued) 478
XLIL. Wakefield. (Continued) 481
XLIIL. Wakefield. (Continued) 487
XLIV. Wakefield. (Continued) 506
XLV. Wakefield. - (Concluded) 514
XLVI. Effingham 531
XLVII. Effingham. (Continued) 538
XLVIII. Effingham. - (Concluded) 547
XLIX. Freedom 560
L. Freedom. - (Concluded) 567
LI. Ossipee 579
LII. Ossipee. - (Continued) 589
LIII. Ossipee. - (Continued) 594
LIV. Ossipee. - (Continued) 603
LV. Ossipee. - (Continued) 615
LVI. Ossipee. - (Concluded) 633
LVII. Sandwich 644
LVIII. Sandwich. - (Continued) 649
LIX. Sandwich. - (Continued) 664
LX. Sandwich. - (Continued) 677
LXI.Sandwich. - (Concluded) 694
LXII. Tamworth 731
LXIII. Tamworth. - (Continued) 743
LXIV. Tamworth. - (Continued) 756
LXV. Tamworth. - (Concluded) 765
LXVI. Albany 782
LXVII. Eaton 788
LXVIII. Eaton. - (Concluded) 795
LXIX. Madison 802
LXX. Madison. - (Concluded) 809
LXXI. Conway 815
LXXII. Conway. - (Continued) 826
LXXIII. Conway. - (Continued) 843
LXXIV. Conway. - (Continued) 859
LXXV. Conway. - (Concluded) 873
LXXVI. Bartlett 909
LXXVII. Bartlett. - (Continued) 909
LXXVIII. Bartlett. - (Concluded) 927
LXXIX. Hart's Location 942
LXXX. Jackson 945
LXXXI. Jackson. (Concluded) 956
LXXXII. Chatham 977


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Carroll County was created by an act of the state legislature approved December 23, 1840, which also formed Belknap county. The language of the act concerning the towns embraced in Carroll county is "the said county of Carroll shall contain all the lands and waters included within the following towns and places, which now constitute a part of the county of Strafford, to wit: Albany, Brookfield, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tarn worth, Tuftonborough, Ossipee, Wakefield, and Wolfborough, and the said towns be, and the same are hereby, severed and disannexed from the county of Strafford."