History of Seward County, Nebraska

The author kindly asks the reader of this volume to be considerate in measuring the value of the work.

All historical works are subject to criticism, and we are sure this can not hope to be an exception. Many incidents herein related were obtained from people now living and memory at best is defective.

In many instances authorities conflict and the worst thing the author has had to contend with was, so many of the early records are lost or destroyed. We have searched diligently through the vaults of the county clerk's office for old records that should be there but seem to be lost in the shuffle, also in the county judge's office, where valuable records of the early days should be found, but they are wanting.

But with material at command, with the help of many old time citizens and a personal knowledge, coming of forty years residence, we have measurably succeeded in giving the reader the essential facts of county history and trust we have been able to give a true pen picture of frontier life and also of our achievements through the passing years.

We cannot say that we are entirely satisfied and yet we feel a degree of pride in having established many landmarks of history for the future historian, and being able to give the reader an intelligent idea of the country as it existed in its primeval state and the growth and progress to the present time.

We cheerfully acknowledge our obligations to the good people who have assisted by valuable historic letters, and to editors for the use of their files, etc., and last but not least to the host of patrons who have met us so cheerfully and been so very liberal with us.

We must say in all parts of the county we have met the most cordial welcome, and our labor among the people has been like a friendly visit.


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May 30th, 1854, the organic act creating the Territory of Nebraska was approved by President Franklin Pierce.

It comprised the land within the following limits: commencing at the center of the channel of the Missouri river on the fortieth parallel of North Latitude and thence running west along said parallel to the summit of the Rocky mountains to the eastern border of Utah Territory, thence north to the forty-ninth parallel of North Latitude to the British possession, thence east to the west line of the terri- tory of Minnesota, thence southward on said boundary to the channel of the Missouri river, thence down the said main channel to the place of beginning.