Early history and reminiscence of Frontier County, Nebraska

"Early History and Reminiscence of Frontier County, Neb." was published in the Eagle by N. H. Bogue in 1894 and again in the Eagle-Reporter in 1911 by W. H. Barton.

As only a few of the original co-pies were printed in booklet form and it is now, almost impossible to obtain one, I thought it would be a service, and might, as it has to me, a source of inspiration to old settlers and others interested in the tales of the pioneers, so with the permission of the Editor of the Eagle-Reporter I decided to have copies published.


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On the first day of March, 1867, Nebraska was admitted into the Union. Through the mist of years the chronology of Nebraska has been handed down, tinged with romance as well as the sterner realities. The name itself possesses a mysterious charm. Young men who comprise the bone and sinew of the young State's 1,000,000 Inhabitants have taken the land as they found it with scarcely an inquiry as to its origin. Misfortunes are long remembered. Perhaps they have a faint recollection of an Eastern home where kind friends busied themselves in providing things needed in a land sorely stricken with the plague of Egypt. Even youth born within Nebraska borders and educated in its boasted institutions of learning may have glanced at its history only hurriedly.