The old settlers' history of Bates county, Missouri

The compilers, in preparing this work, have sought to obtain only authentic narratives, and have diligently searched the obtainable records for all such facts as in their judgement are germane to a brief and reliable history of our county.

Believing that the county is the nucleus of our government, and that at least in some degree a a knowledge of its history is imperative to the highest conception of citizenship; we have prepared a history which we believe will be interesting as to fact and which will be made entertaining by a recital of the experiences of its pioneers.

The history of Bates County commences with the establishment of Harmony Mission, and may be divided into four periods, viz:

I Period, Settlement: 1821 to 1860.
II Period, War; 1860 to 1863.
III Period, Recuperation; 1865 to 1870.
IV Period, Development; 1870 to 1900.


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In order that we, as Historians - if we be permitted to use the title - may faithfully portray the wonderful and unexampled development of Bates County, and satisfy the conditions imposed by ourselves, it is necessary to briefly sketch the history of that part of the territory west of the Mississippi River, which now constitutes the great State of Missouri, and of which Bates County - our particular care - has as varied, thrilling and interesting a story as any part thereof.