Illustrated history and biographical record of Lenawee County, Michigan

The authors and compilers of this volume have no excuses to offer or apologies to make for its appearance. Some twenty-four years ago the writer spent two years In producing the first history and biographical record of Lenawee county. At that time most books of this character contained dry facts, without embellishment or relief. In the interval, great progress has been made in the arts, and recent discoveries make it possible to embellish and illustrate in the highest degree The new methods of engraving make it possible to illuminate a volume at moderate cost Taking advantage of this fact we decided to undertake the publication of this book.

One of the most entertaining methods of making history is by illustrating important events prominent men and women, their first homes, buildings, etc. Believing this and assuming that patriotic citizens would be interested and in many cases fascinated with a volume containing the portraits, or views of the homes of the pioneers of Lenawee county together with old landmarks public buildings and landscapes, modern homes and architecture, we commenced the work.

We had the confidence to believe that a volume of this kind would put our readers truthfully and familiarly in touch with the scenes of the past giving object lessons to the present and future generations. Therefore we have made the illustrations the distinctive features of our work.


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The territory that now includes Michigan was probably first visited by a white man in 1641. That year, in July, the French Jesuit Fathers, Charles Rymbalt and Isaac Jogues, encamped at the Sault Ste. Marie. In 1665 Father Claude Allonez founded a mission at La Point, Lake Superior. In 1668 Father Marquette founded a mission at Sault Ste. Marie, and In 1671 established another mission near Mackinaw.