History of Cass County, from 1825 to 1875, Michigan

In offering this little volume to the pioneers of Cass County and their descendants, the author is spared many fears as to its reception, by the knowledge that it will be read for the facts and incidents it contains, rather than for criticism of the style of their presentation.

It is not all he wished to make it, but is as complete and accurate as he could make it in the time alloted, and will at least serve as a starting point for future historians.

The work was undertaken last season upon the urgent and repeated requests of many old settlers and those who were interested in establishing the Cass County Pioneer Association and Museum, and his exclusive time and attention has been given to its preparation since that time.

All the early settlers and publications that could be reached, have been consulted, and the aggregate of their recollections and information is before you in a condensed form and with some attempt at chronological connection.

His earnest thanks are due and tendered to the gentlemen of the local press, the County and Town- ship officers and many other friends too numerous to specify, to whom he is under great obligation for advice, information and substantial aid.

He is not a professional writer or speculative bookmaker, and has constructed this work rather as a conservatory of facts and incidents that are in peril of being lost upon the death of the actors therein, than as a bid for literary fame by the author.


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