Calhoun County Business Directory for 1869-70, Michigan

Whilst it is a time-honored custom for authors to speak to the public of the causes which give rise to their work, its objects and designs, yet it is not in conformity to this practice that we offer the following thoughts, but from the fact that our experience during the past year in preparing this volume has given real cause for a few remarks from us in this place.

We need not speak of the difficulties and obstacles in the way, cf the failure in getting responses from parties who ought to have been interested in the work, and of finding, in some localities, few, if any. of the "first settlers." Suffice it to say that we have obtained the foundation for an historical sketch in each township, which, in future editions, may be made perfect and complete, if those who read it will at once place at our disposal any further material they may be in possession of, either in the shape of well-authenticated incidents, additions, or corrections. Some of the sketches arc necessarily brief (we have given all we could obtain), yet we have made them embrace such an array of names and incidents, that they cannot fail to be of deep interest to every one who loves to hear the pioneer's history. Such a work never loses its value, but increases in interest with the lapse of years, until it finally becomes highly prized as the only authentic history of our ancestry.

The labor and perplexity of compiling and writing such a work, can be comprehended only by those who have performed similar tasks. And yet, notwithstanding the unpleasant features connected with the work, we have reaped much pleasure and enjoyment in our search for the hidden treasures and secrets of a past generation. For the fact that a generation of our fellow-beings has passed away since the settlement of this country, has been strongly impressed upon our mind as we have, in the preparation of this work, made inquiries for the pioneers, and have learned that they are no longer with us, but arc tenants of the silent tomb.

We have formed many happy acquaintances, which will ever re- main dear to us while we live. We have met with generous, whole-souled men, who have taken deep interest in our work, and have nobly given us their friendly sympathy and real encouragement. From their lips we have received thrilling incidents and facts in connection with their pioneer life in this country, many of which have found a place in this humble work. We have also had the sympathy and counsel of the members of the press, who have, from time to time, kindly noticed our undertaking during its progress. To the caviler and faultfinder, we have no word of apology, as that class of critics seldom contribute to the support of any public enterprise.


Table of Contents.

Preface 3
General Contents 6
Index to Advertisers 7
Corrections in Battle Creek 8
Business Men of Calhoun Count 9
Battle Creek Postoffice 16
State Officers 17
Calhoun County Officers 17
Supervisors, T. Clerks & Justices 18
Calhoun Co. Agricultural Society 19
Introductory 21
Site of Marshall in 1880 25
History of Marshall 28
Anecdotes and Biographies 40
Slavery in Marshall in 1845-80 42
The Press of Marshall 44
MarshaU City Officers 55
Marshall Street Directory 56
Churches & Societies of Marshall 58
Business Men in Marshall 65
Jonesville, Marsh, ft Grand Il.B.B 69
Michigan Central Railroad 70
Early History of Battle Creek 72
Battle Creek as a Village and City 91
Battle Creek Union School 92
The Press of Battle Creek 95
Peninsular Railway 97
Battle Creek City Officers 99
Battle Creek Street Directory 100
Battle Creek Churches & Societies 103
Business Men in Battle Creek 111
History of Albion and Sheridan 128
The Albion Hermit 135
Albion College 138
Albion Business Men 141
Albion Village Officers 143
Albion Street Directory 143
Churches and Societies of Albion 145
History of Homer 149
Churches and Societies of Homer 167
History of Marengo 171
History of Tekonsha 195
Churches & Societies of Tekonsha 200
History of Burlington 202
Burlington Village Officers 205
Churches of Burlington 206
History of Athens 207
Churches and Societies of Athens 213
History of Bedford 214
Churches and Societies of Bedford 218
History of LeRoy 220
History of Pennfield 226
History of Eckford 230
History of Fredonia 234
History of Newton 236
History of Emmett 239
History of Clarendon 242
History of Convis 244
History of Lee 246
History of Clarence 248
Battle Creek Directory 251
Battle Creek Classified Directory 321
Marshall Business Directory 335
Marshall Classified Directory 366
Albion Business Directory 381
Albion Classified Directory 399
Homer Directory 405
Athens Directory 409
Bedford Directory 410
Tekonsha Directory 412
Marengo Directory 414
Burlington Directory 415
Ceresco Directory 416
Miscellaneous Directory 419


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Eldred & Peters, wholesale and retail dealers in Hardware. Cutlery, &c., No. 2 East Main street, Battle Creek, Mich. This business was established in 1843, by Wm. Brooks, who was the first hardware dealer in the place. Afterwards, D.P. Barber became a partner in the concern, and Brooks & Barber was the style of the firm. In October, 1865, the business was purchased by Messrs. Eldred k Peters, who have since conducted it upon a very extensive scale, their sales having exceeded 8100,000 per year. The firm consists of N. Eldred, one of the pioneers in the settlement of this part of the country, Geo. B., and D.S. Peters, names which have been familiar in connection with the hardware business for the past fifteen years. They were in that trade both at Kalamazoo and Galesburg, and have won a reputation as upright, honorable dealers, and successful business men, which places them higher in the estimation of this community than anything which we can here say. They are ail gentlemen whom we take pleasure in recommending to our patrons as among the first business men in this county, and worthy their entire confidence. Having had a long experience in the business, they understand buying at bottom figures, and are thus enabled to give their customers the very best bargains, and make a fair profit themselves. Their large and handsome store, which is 128 feet deep, is situated on the comer of Main and Jefferson streets, in the new brick block of Messrs. Eldred & Burrall, erected this past season. It was built and finished with the view of making it one of the most convenient and commodious stores in the State, and that it is such is pretty generally admitted by hardware men from abroad.