A Diary Of Noteworthy Events In Worcester, Massachusetts

The Worcester book: a diary of noteworthy events in Worcester, Massachusetts, from 1657 to 1883. Written by Franklin P. Rice; published by Putnam, Davis and Co., at Worcester, MA in 1884.

In the preparation of this volume my purpose has been to provide a Reference Book of Dates for Worcester events, which would readily afford often desired information as to the exact time of any noteworthy local occurrence. With this end in view, a large number of items have been gathered, including not only the more important matters which are familiar in print, but also many of a kind not usually noticed in town histories. Among the latter may be mentioned the visits of literary, theatrical and musical celebrities; political conventions, meetings and disturbances; exhibitions, fairs, lectures and entertainments; riots, accidents and calamities; natural phenomena; and many things uncommon and singular. Notes, explanatory, historical, biographical or anecdotal, have been added; and a complete index will be found at the end.

In the compilation of the matter I have drawn freely from the many printed works relating to the history of Worcester, both general and special; from the files of the Worcester papers, (which I have been kindly allowed to consult at my convenience at the library of the American Antiquarian Society); from the publications of The Worcester Society of Antiquity, which have supplied many original items; and from other sources too numerous to mention. I am also indebted to many persons for facts and statements included in the book, some of which appear in print for the first time.

An example of one listing can be found below under "Dennis' Notes"


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1872. Death of George Jaques

He was born in Brooklyn, Conn., Feb. 18, 1816. After attending Leicester Academy, he entered Brown University and graduated in 1836. For several years he devoted himself to teaching school in Virginia and Massachusetts; later he was engaged in horticultural pursuits and in the care of his estate. He was one of the founders and a prominent member of the Horticultural Society, and compiled the first volume of its transactions. He. visited Europe in 1856. In 1871 he presented a lot of about four acres of land to the city as a site for a public hospital; and by his will bequeathed the bulk of his property for the support of that institution. The wishes of the testator were carried out only after much delay and with manifest reluctance by those having the matter in charge.

Many of Mr. Jaques's household effects and family heirlooms were hustled to the auction room and disposed of to a crowd of the curious and vulgar, while his private papers were scattered broadcast. From materials rescued from junk dealers and book-sharks, Mr. Albert A. Lovell compiled and published a memorial volume comprising a sketch of his life and selections from his journals.