Contributions to the ecclesiastical history of Essex County, Massachusetts

The object of this volume is to collect, and put into a more permanent form, for preservation, such materials for an Ecclesiastical History of Essex North, as were accessible. These materials have been "gathered from various sources; and as the work has been done by different persons, with little opportunity of mutual consultation, it must necessarily lack the unity which a single mind would have given it. Sketches of the members of the Ministers' Meeting were also prepared, but omitted for want of space.

In that part of the volume relating to the churches, no attempt has been made to bring down the history later than 1861.

Acknowledgments of indebtedness are hereby gratefully made to the Annals of Dr. Sprague, the Manuscript Sketches of Mr. Sibley, Librarian of Harvard University, and also to the numerous friends who have so cheerfully aided, by their contributions and suggestions, in the compilation of the volume.


Table of Contents

I. Account of the Centennial Anniversary 1
II. History of the Association 8
III. Sketches of Members 57
IV. Discourse Relating to the Churches and Religious History of Essex North 220
V. Sketches of the Churches 296
VI. Essay - Vibrations in Theology 386


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The Essex North Association has, within a few years, been grievously afflicted in the loss of valued members. Messrs. Braman, Perry, Kimbal, and Holbrook, who knew very much of its early character, passed away within a few months of each other, and before a Centennial gathering was contemplated. The books passed into the hands of others, who, in looking over them carefully, found that we were nearing the day which would complete the first century of the Association.