Baltimore County, Maryland

Responding to requests of many citizens of Baltimore County for a complete set of the "Towson Snapshots" which have appeared in The Jeffersonian, we take pleasure in presenting this little booklet to you, and trust that you will find it worth preserving.

Not only does it give a brief history of the community in which we live and which offers so much in the way of opportunities, but sketches and sidelights of some of our county's most prominent men. You may have heard their names in a political or social way and yet never had the opportunity of meeting them, and for that reason we have created this work.

Baltimore County has developed some great men within its borders, and there is every reason to believe that some of the younger generation will become even greater and nobler as they take on years, and a reference of this character will be valuable in later periods when you may wish to refresh your memory of days gone by; to review the happenings of your early life and relate the past history of the county to your children and your grandchildren.


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Baltimore county was created into a county about the year 1659, and at that period its territorial limits included what is now known as Harford and Carroll counties, large portions of Anne Arundel, Howard and Frederick and, as far as we are able to learn, Cecil and Kent counties. The first true description of its bounds is found in the proclamation of June 6, 1674, by which it was declared that the southern limits of Baltimore county shall be "the south side of Patapsco River, and from the highest plantation on that side of the river due south two miles into the woods." By the act of 1698 a boundary line was adopted between Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties, which had been located by the Commissioners appointed under the Act of Assembly passed in the year 1698. This line, which is particularly described in this act and which began upon the bay about one mile and a quarter to the south of Bodkin Creek, attached to Baltimore county a considerable tract of country lying south of the Patapsco River, but in 1725 this act was repealed and the present boundary was established.