Maryland Genealogy

A history of Anne Arundel County in Maryland - Free
"Adapted for use in the schools of the county."

History of Caroline County, Maryland - Free
General county history of Caroline County, Maryland.

Real stories from Baltimore County history, Maryland - Free
"Real Stories From Baltimore County History Data Obtained by the Teachers and Children of Baltimore County (Maryland) Schools."

History of Kent County, Maryland - Free
History of Kent County from 1630-1916.

History of Carrollton Manor, Frederick County, Maryland - Free
"Additions include many interesting happenings throughout Frederick County. The Revolutionary, Mexican, and the Civil War. Middletown Valley and the part it played in the early history of Western Maryland. The Grove family. A complete lineage of the Jarboe family."

Baltimore County, Maryland - Free
Baltimore County, its history, progress and opportunities with snapshots and sidelights of some of its prominent men.

History of Talbot county, Maryland - Free
"Compiled principally from the literary relics of the late Samuel Alexander Harrison, A.M., M.D."

History of Dorchester County, Maryland - Free
Contains informations on towns, folklore, War of 1812-15, Confederate soldiers, etc.

Memoirs of a Maryland Volunteer; War with Mexico, in the years 1846-7-8 - Free
Written by John Reese Kenly and published in 1873, it depicts his life as a Maryland volunteer in the War with Mexico through the years of 1846-1848. The information is taken from his diary, notes, and letters.

Maryland Genealogies $
With the very first issue of the Magazine, however, the Maryland Historical Society began publication of articles pertaining to old families. While most of the articles reprinted here are family lineages, tracing all lines of descent in the male line from a common ancestor, there are other types of articles as well.

Revolutionary War Service Records - $
FootNote has provided scanned images of the National Archives collection: War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records online. The documents that were scanned were "abstract cards" and the transcriptions of documents pertaining only to one soldier, that were done in lieu of a card for that item. This is a nice collection of original source material!

History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland of the United Lutheran church in America, 1820-1920 - Free
Written by Abdel Ross Wentz in 1920. While providing an exhaustive history of the Synod of Maryland it also provides a list of the Pastors of the Synod during the years 1820-1920.