History of Cowley County, Kansas

This Souvenir Edition of the Courier has been produced under many difficulties. It was begun with the hope that it would conservatively and truly set forth the history and resources of Cowley County and the growth, development and present condition of our beautiful and prosperous city, all in a permanent form for preservation. The faces of the men who have made, and are making the material and political history of Cowley County and Winfield, are fast passing from our view. The grim reaper has been unusually busy with his harvest during the past few years. It is therefore becoming and proper that their likenesses be preserved. For these reasons we have given the Souvenir magazine form and substantial binding. Let every citizen preserve a copy. In years to come it will be of priceless value. We have endeavored to make this work worthy of the subject.

We here take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our friend and worthy townsman, Col. H.C. Loomis, for the great interest manifested by him in the work. His aid and suggestions have done much to insure its success.

Major D.B. Casteel has by his own efforts inaugurated and made successful this work. He did all the soliciting and compiled and wrote all the matter. He has prepared the material for many special newspaper and magazine issues, and his work bears the impress of studiouscare. We have found him just what h3 is recommended to be, capable, energetic and honest. Of necessity some typographical errors appear. It seems almost impossible to keep such a work free from them. The cover design is from the pen of Mr. B.F. Sadil, in whose artistic talent the city takes justifiable pride. The mechanical work throughout is the product of the Courier Printing Plant and done by young men who have learned their trade in the Courier office. We hope it will give satisfaction and prove a valuable work of reference now, and more so in the years to come.


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There is a legend, that in 1537, DeSoto's great expedition in search of the "Fountain of Youth," and of the precious metals, which journeyed from the shores of Florida in a north-west direction, crossed the Mississippi river near New Madrid, continued its course westward to the present territory of Cowley county, Kansas, dug for silver among the Flint Hills, in the eastern part of the county, and among the hills of Liberty township, where old excavations still remain, and finally discovered the "Fountain of Youth," which is now known as the famous Geuda Springs, near the west side of this county.
Another legend is, that in 1542, Coronado, in his search for the seven cities of Cibola and the Suiviri, crossed the Arkansas, near Buffington's ford, the Walnut at the Kickapoo ford, and camped a few days near where Baden's mill now stands, in the western portion of the present city of Winfield, and left broken arms and utensils, which have since been plowed up, one ot which, a ver3 T rusty piece of sword, is now a relic in the Courier office at Winfield.