Doniphan County, Kansas

We have the satisfaction of presenting to the public the first History and Directory of Doniphan County, Kansas.

In offering this work to the public we feel no small degree of solicitude lest it should not meet the expectations of our patrons, who have waited so patiently for its compilation. We have the consciousness of having labored faithfully to make it as correct as possible.

This work has been accomplished with no ordinary degree of labor, patience, and expense, and under many difficulties. In such a comparatively young county, where the people are alive to all kinds of shifting enterprises and otherwise very unsettled, and where the facilities throughout are so limited from which to obtain correct information, and the many changes constantly taking place, we can scarcely be charged with egotism in saying we have obtained and embodied in the present volume a vast amount of valuable information, which, upon careful perusal, will be found not only interesting but of great utility to the business community, the emigrant, and traveler.

We, therefore, deem it unnecessary for an apology for any omissions or inaccuracies that may have occurred; but confidently launch our work upon the stream of public favor, relying upon the charity of a generous public to overlook what might be charged as faults — regardless of those self-appointed critics who make it their business to pick out all the little errors and magnify their importance.

We endeavor to give a History of our State, and also the rise and progress of our county, in as brief a way as possible, holding forth our advantages and facilities, and we hope that every person who has any interest in our county will take the trouble to peruse it.


Table of Contents

Advertisements i, ii
Title iii
Advertisements iv-vii
Dedication, viii
Contents ix-xi
General Index to Business Cards xi-xvii
Index to Cards, according to Cities and Towns xviii-xxvi
Index to Cards, according to Business xxvi-xxxvi
Inaugaral Address of Abraham Lincoln 1-2
Table of Distances from Washington, D.C, to principal Cities and Towns 2-5
United States Internal Revenue Stamp Duties — (Schedule B) 6-11
Constitution of the State of Kansas 11-31
Popular Vote for President (in the State of Kansas) in 1864 32
Names and Salaries of State Officers and Judges of Courts 32
Judges of the Supreme Court 32
Judges of the District Court 32
United States Congressmen 32
United States Senators 32
United States District Judge 32
United States Pension Agent 32
United States Marshal 32
Terms of the District Court in the State of Kansas 33-34
Names of Members of the Kansas Legislature for 1868 Page 35-38
Weights and Measures of the State of Kansas 38
Sketches from the History of Kansas 38-43
Educational 43-46
List of Post-Offices in the State of Kansas 46-50
List of Money Order Post-Offices in the United States (up to March 1, 1868), and Rates of Commission charged for Money Orders 50-83
Bates of Postage to all parts of the United States 84
Variety of Legal Forms 84-89
Tables— Wages Calculator 90

Of Capacity for Grain — and hints in Measurement 92-93
Doniphan County Citizens' Directory 94-188
Doniphan County Business Directory 187-211
Doniphan County Soldiers' Register 212-254
Table — Capacity of Cisterns in U. S. Gallons 255
Table — Interest — No. 1 266
Table — Interest — No. 2 267
Table — Interest — No. 8 268
Table — Weights of & Cubic Foot of Various Substances 259
Masonic Lodges 259-262
Officers of Doniphan County 262
Courts in Doniphan County 262
Township Officers 262-265
City Officers (Troy) 265
School-Houses in Doniphan County 266-270
History of Doniphan County, Kansas 272-298
Constitution of the United States of America, and Amendments 300-319
Notes upon the Government of the United States 320-325
The Indians 326-329
Length of Rivers in the United States 329-330
Presidents of the United States 331-332
Vice-Presidents of the United States 332-333
Name Birth, and Profession of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence 333-335
Advertisements 336


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INAUGURAL ADDRESS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN upon the occasion of his second inauguration for President of the United States, delivered at Washington, on the 4th day of March, 1865 — one month and ten days before his assassination: