A souvenir history of Lincoln County, Kansas

This book has been compiled from the written and verbal accounts of those who ought to know the history of Lincoln County. Personally I knew nothing of this history when I began gathering the material, and when stories conflicted I was not prejudiced to either opinion but tried in all possible ways to ascertain the actual facts in the case. I have interviewed most of the early settlers and those to whom I am most indebted are: J.J. Peate, Richard Clark, and Chalmer Smith of Beverly; John S. Strange, N.B. Kees, Anna C. Wait, Fred Erhardt, Adolph Roenigk, E.M. Harris, Martin Hendrickson, Daniel Day, Cris. Bernhardt, C.M. Heaton, Tone Bishop, Ogden Green, Myron Green of Lincoln; William Baird of Vesper; Mrs. Morgan and A.R. Buzick of Sylvan Grove.

Those from a distance who have contributed letters and articles are: F.A Schemerhorn, Eli Ziegler, and A.T. Biggs. Others have been kind enough to loan clippings. Among these clippings were articles by J.R. Mead, J.J. Peate, Thomas Strange, Washington Smith, Gen. Geo. A. Forsyth, also several important articles by unknown parties. Besides getting the statements of these people I have read the tiles of at least one newspaper from 73 down to date and searched the archives of the State Historical Society diligently and gleaned all I could from that source.

A special vote of thanks is due the newspapers and others who have loaned cuts and pictures.

I wish to make special mention of those who have advertised in this book. They are the fellows who are up-to-date and progressive or they wouldn't be here. And it is the man who is public spirited, liberal, and broad minded with whom you want to deal, not simply because he will do the best for the community but because he will do the best by you. As you read this book just notice who these men are.

I have done my best to give a true account of the happenings of Lincoln County. I know there will be some mistakes, and I do not anticipate that everybody will agree with even that part of my story which is correct. If you do not agree with me do not ask mo to change it now. If there is anything left out which you think ought to have been put in you should have spoken of it last summer. In case his book meets with your approval I shall be happy. In case it does not I refuse to worry.


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Lincoln County lies directly under the ancient coast line of the Triassic age, along which were deposited enormous beds of salt, ranging from seventy-five to two hundred fifty feet in thick- ness, at depths ranging from four hundred fifty feet at Hutchinson, Kans., to nine hundred twenty-five feet at Anthony, these depths being the least and greatest which have been found. So much for the salt