Brief history of Switzerland County, Indiana

This little pamphlet is the outgrowth of an effort to study briefly our own local history in connection with the regular History and Civics work of the High School. The suggestion was made that a committee be appointed by the senior class of 1913 from among its membership to gather material relating to the history of Switzerland County and report to the class.

As the plans for the celebration of our one hundredth anniversary matured, the purpose of the pupils in arranging this brief history broadened somewhat. The committee conceived the idea that while they were being helped by the effort involved they might produce a work that would be a fitting souvenir for the Centennial Celebration to be held during the week of August 18-24, 1913.

No doubt many errors and imperfections will be found in this little book imperfections in language, probably inaccurate statements and overlapping of material. It is hoped and believed, however, that the reader will look beyond these faults, whatever they may be, and see the zeal, the sincerity and pleasure of the boys and girls in preparing this work.


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Early settlers were also influenced to make their homes in this part of the country on account of the heavy timber which covered the land out of which they built substantial homes and stockades against the Indians and wild beasts which at first proved hostile to the white men. Among the latter mentioned were deer, bear and wolves which in savage fierceness howled over the carcass of their latest victims the fox, panther and racoon. The ground hog's shrill whistle might also be heard in these woods while wild turkeys and native song birds added to the natural atmosphere of Switzerland county.

They also were anxious to settle where they could ship their products out easily and the Ohio river afforded this possibility. Heathcoat Pickett's first flat-boat was the beginning of river traffic in this section.