A history of Switzerland County's part in the World War, Indiana

In publishing this history of Switzerland county's part in the World War it is not the intention of the writer to attempt to give to the public a history of the World War itself, but to portray the valiant deeds of our gallant soldiers and to tell of the patriotic things accomplished by citizens who remained at home.

The first chapter is devoted to the starting of the war and the causes which led the United States into it. In the other chapters it has been our sole aim to record, accurately and briefly, the things Switzerland county's patriotic citizens did to help win the war.

As soon as war was declared and the first of Switzerland county's gallant sons began volunteering for service, a record of all local war activities was kept with a view of compiling them later in book form. Because of many men and boys in various parts of the county going to different cities to volunteer it was almost impossible to obtain a correct list of the men who entered the service and there may be a few names omitted in the list published in this book. How- ever, the reader is assured that if there are omissions they are unintentional. Efforts were also made to secure photographs of all enlisted men. This was im- possible, but all the photographs secured are reproduced in this volume.

We feel that the citizens of Switzerland county are herewith given a record of the wonderful things they accomplished that should live forever. Without further apology we leave you to judge.


Table of Contents

Chapter I. Causes Which Led United States Into the War 9
Chapter II. The Beginning and the End 15
Chapter III. Our Heroic Dead 17
Chapter IV. The County's Wounded 24
Chapter V. Gems of Patriotism 27
Chapter VI. The Conscription Board 32
Chapter VII. The Red Cross Chapter and Its Fourteen Auxiliaries 35
Chapter VIII. The War Chest Organization 40
Chapter IX. The Food Administration 43
Chapter X. The County Council of Defense 48
Chapter XI. The Fuel Administration 50
Chapter XII. The Five Liberty Loan Drives 53
Chapter XIII. Women's Work in the Liberty Loans 57
Chapter XIV. War Savings Stamps 60
Chapter XV. The Women's War Census 63
Chapter XVI. The Sammy Pen Club 66
Chapter XVII. The Boys' Working Reserve 69
Chapter XVIII. Soldier Poetry 71
Chapter XIX. Switzerland County's Roll of Honor 73
Chapter XX. Amick Brothers Fight Side By Side 79
Chapter XXI. John F. Butters on Eleven Battle Fronts 81
Chapter XXII. Uly Butters Fights With British 88
Chapter XXIII. Howard P. Burton Returns From the Dead 90
Chapter XXIV. Leslie Byram Saved by German Prisoners 94
Chapter XXV. Ermon Brown Captures German Captain and Ten Privates 97
Chapter XXVI. William Bowen Rams Bayonet Through Boche 103
Chapter XXVII. Lawrence E. Chandler in Five Engagements 105
Chapter XXVIII. D. W. Dodd on Torpedoed Ship 107
Chapter XXIX. Allen Day on Trail of the Boche 109
Chapter XXX. James Grammer Oakley Saved by Red Cross Workers 110
Chapter XXXI. J. Kirby Danglade Serves With French Army 111
Chapter XXXII. Halstead Ferguson Goes Through Battle Bareheaded 114
Chapter XXXIII. Walter Green Wounded Twice 115
Chapter XXXIV. Vere Graham Sleeps With Dead Frenchman 118
Chapter XXXV. Hubert Hamilton With British in Belgium 121
Chapter XXXVI. Sam Huff Serves With Medical Corps 123
Chapter XXXVII. Joe Hollcraft Sees Brutality of Huns 125
Chapter XXXVIII. Ernest Lackland In Hospital Bombed by Huns 128
Chapter XXXIX. Frank Pelsor in Great British Offensive 131
Chapter XL. George Piatt Shot Through Body While in the Argonne 133
Chapter XLI. Clifford Thiebaud Fights With Rainbow Division 139
Chapter XLII. Marion Williamson Fights Sixty Hours Without Water 140
1776-1919 142


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When Switzerland county citizens read in the daily papers of the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, on June 28, 1914, they paid but little more attention to the news than they would have done to an item pertaining to the accidental drowning of an unknown man in the Mississippi river.