History of the Baptist churches of Woodford County, Illinois

In presenting this little volume to the public containing, as it does, the history of the Baptist churches of Woodford county, Illinois, I do so but with a single purpose: viz., to so preserve the history of the faithful lives of service of the men and women of the past, who made the splendid work of our churches possible, that present and future generations may profit by the examples of their self-sacrificing devotion. In the preparation of this little volume I have sought to bring out that which I consider is vital in relating the story of the struggles, the hardships, and the victories that have attended the growth of our churches in the county for more than fifty years. Much of this history has come within the range of my personal experience I wish, however, to here acknowledge my indebtedness to all who have assisted me in gathering the material that supplements my own knowledge of the progress of the church.

The volume goes to you with the prayer that it may fulfill the purpose that inspired the author in its preparation, and that the contemplation of the lives of the godly self-sacrificing men and women of the church of yesterday may serve to inspire the men and women of today and tomorrow to a greater spirit of earnestness and devotion, and that thru faith the history of the church of tomorrow may be replete with victories and achievements for Christ.


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Before compiling a history of the Baptist churches of Woodford county, I wish to mention some of the deacons and preachers, who were in the county more than fifty years ago, whom I personally knew. I wish first to mention the name of Esther Mundell, at whose home the first Baptist church was organized after Woodford county was set off as a county. She had much to do with he first Baptist church, always being liberal in her contributions of both time and money, it is related that before the church was lathed and plastered, a covenant meeting was held on Saturday afternoon. It was cold and they had only one stove. They thought they ought to have another stove before Sunday, and all began to make excuses as to why they could not go and get one She arose and said, "If no one else will go, I will hitch up my old yellow mare and go to Metamora and get one and have it set up before Sunday morning." And she did. I have often seen her drive the old yellow mare with a colt of the same color by her side.