History of Iroquois County, Illinois

The Iroquois County Board of Supervisors presents this History of Iroquois County to the citizens of Iroquois County as part of our observance of the Illinois Sesquicentennial. Each township supervisor was responsible for the history of his township. For the most part the individual township histories are the result of these articles written by different individuals. The responsibility of this writer was to edit these histories to bring about some uniformity among them. Deletions were necessary in some cases, and, where additional information was felt necessary, Beckwith's History of Iroquois County was the primary source used to provide this material. We have tried to be as factual as possible and hope we have made the minimum number of errors possible in a publication of this nature. Much of the material in the general history of Iroquois County was taken from The History and Geography of Iroquois County, a booklet prepared by Mr. Ralph Moore of Watseka in 1956.


Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Acknowledgements 4
Map of Iroquois County 5
Iroquois County Board of Supervisors 6
Picture of Iroquois County Board of Supervisors 7
History of Iroquois County 8-23
History of Individual Townships 24-121

Artesia 4
Ash Grove 5
Ashkum 27
Beaver 29
Beaverville 4
Belmont 38
Chebanse 44
Concord 48
Crescent 51
Danforth 53
Douglas 54
Fountain Creek 59
Iroquois 62
Loda 65
Love Joy 69
Martinton 74
Middleport 78
Milford 84
Milks Grove 87
Onarga 88
Papineau 93
Pigeon Grove 98
Prairie Green 104
Ridgeland 107
Sheldon 110
Stockland 115

Picture of Old Court House 121
Iroquois County Historical Society 122
Picture of Officers of Historical Society 122
Historical Photo Album 123


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Iroquois County is the only county in the United States having the name "Iroquois," a name originally applied to a confederation of tribes of North American Indians. "According to tradition, a band of Iroquois Indians was once surprised and defeated upon the banks of the river now known as the Iroquois, by a war party of Illinois Indians, hence the name of the county and the river."