History of Hardin County, Illinois

Hardin County has contributed Largely to Illinois history' and we cannot fully comprehend the story of our beloved county unless we know something of the trials and triumphs of the people who have given to Hardin County its prominence in the state and national affairs.

It is the aim of the authors to present the important facts in the history of Hardin County in chronological order and in a brief and tangible shape without making any attempt at rhetorical display.

Grateful acknowledgements are due the Historical committee composed of the following persons: E.N. Hall, R.F. Taylor, A.A. Miles, Robert Gustin and Sidney Hainan for their untiring efforts in assembling and preparing the material and facts here presented.

The history of Hardin County has been written as a part of the Centennial celebration which was observed on Thursday, March 2nd, 1939 by the opening of court in regular session with Circuit Judges Roy Pearce, W. Joe Hill and Blaine Huffman sitting in a body with County Judge James G. Gullett. The early history of the county from the date of organization up to July 4, 1876 as had been prepared by L.F. Twitchell, Franklin Dimick, John Vinyard, Elihu Oxford, Edward Shearer and John Mitch- ell was read and ordered to be made a permanent record of the Circuit Court and of the County Court of Hardin County that it might be preserved for succeeding generations.

The principal address was delivered by David A. Warford, a native of Hardin County but now an attorney at law of Marion, 111. Many other former residents of the county made short talks.

The program for the evening was prepared and presented by the schools of Hardin county under the direction of County Superintendent Clyde L. Flynn. Musical numbers were furnished by the Elizabethtown and Rosiclare grade schools and the Rosiclare High School. The spelling contest was conducted with great interest and enthusiasm and the winners were Mrs. Margaret Green Howse, first; Mrs. Ella McDonald, second; and Ruey M. Rash, third. Everyone enjoyed the program and it was decided to hold a more elaborate celebration on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Elizabethtown.

A meeting was called on March 28th for the purpose of getting plans under way for the celebration to be held on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and the following executive committee was selected with a representative from each precinct of the county.


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That our own Hardin County with her beautiful interchange of hills and valleys, hanging cliffs and forest shelters, clear streams and sparkling fountains has furnished homes for three distinct races of mankind is not any more doubted by investigating scholars. These favored attractions gave her a choice place, first place in the hearts of the nations. They turned their backs upon the swamp-cursed lands all about her to love her and wed her. Competent and conclusive evidences for these things are to be had, if the writer's humble efforts can arraign them before the court of prehistory.