Cumberland County History, Illinois

As a part of our celebration of the Sesquicentennial Year of the State of Illinois, the Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society of Illinois voted to produce a history of our county since 1884. In that year the Battey volume of the history of Cumberland, Jasper, and Richland was published. In 1885 our courthouse burned and practically all county records were lost.

Since the 1884 book had so ably presented the early history of our county, we decided to go on from 1884, trying to bring our story up to date. We beg your forbearance for not producing a complete history of all organizations and individuals. From the time of the first meeting held in the county giving instructions regarding the writing of the family stories, we have been begging for someone in each family represented in the 1884 story, to bring their family up to 1968. Many have responded, many have not. As a result, since our workers are all volunteers, we have only a partial history which is "the result of arduous, unremitting, and conscientious labor " on the part of the contributors.


Table of Contents

Towns and Townships 1
Business 67
Churches 90
Schools 125
Organizations 147
Military 164
Bits 196
Biographies 213
Pictures 578


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Fires swept through the little village in 1925 and in 1937 taking out two sides of the business section; these buildings were never replaced. The coming of better roads caused people to be attracted to other trading centers, so today, all that remains of the once active little trading center is one general store, a blacksmith and welding shop and the Post Office. Around a hundred people reside in Hazel Dell where you will find a good school and two active churches. Though the towns may have passed on to memories, you will still find the same warmth and friendliness among the people, as in the days of old, and readiness to give a helping hand in a time of misfortune.