Centennial, McKendree College, with St. Clair County History, Illinois

Bishop McKendree was a pioneer circuit rider in the middle west. Thousands of the pioneer generation came under his personal influence. The college which hears his name, the landmark of a century, the Pharos of the Mississippi valley, has stood on the same spot for a century and shed forth her kindly beams on other thousands who have come within her influence. This book is but a partial record of a century's achievement. It tells the deeds of men and women who have served their fellowmen in college halls; in St. Clair, the first organized county in Illinois; in the nation; and in the world. McKendree's campus is sacred ground to thousands who here received an inspiration to nobler living. To these it will be a reminder of college days. To others it will be a suggestion of the possibilities that life holds for aspiring American youth.


Table of Contents

The McKendrean

History of McKendree College

History of St. Clair County

Biographical Section


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Our McKendree

A College 'mid plains is standing, standing there from olden days,
The Pioneer of prairies, first in untrodden ways,
For service and Christian culture, for efficiency she stands,
Her sons and daughters praise her, with voices, hearts and hands.

Hail to thee our dear old McKendree,
May we always loyal he,
Ifs a song of praise we'll raise to thee.
Alma Mater, dear old M.C,
May we ever own thee true and wise and right.
Honor Purple and the White,
And for victory we'll always fight,
'Till we win for old M.C.K.
Enduring and strong she stands there, stands upon our College Hill,
Though others may outnumber, she holds the first place still.
For beauty and truth and knowledge, and for service without bound,
Then let us raise our voices, until the plains resound.