History of Clinch County, Georgia

In the preparation and compiling of this book, containing the history of Clinch County, I have done so with an eye single to the welfare of the County, a true exposition of the County and its history, and with the hope that in years to come it may, in the absence of any other book on the subject, be a reference book of Clinch County and her people.

There are many details given in the following pages, which will, to the reader on first thought, appear to be superfluous and unnecessary, but the author recognizes the fact that details are often necessary to a complete understanding and an exhaustive review of a subject. I have endeavored to resist the temptation to extenuate, and the reader will pardon the author if it becomes wearisome in reading this book because of so many minor details given.


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In the Fair Southland, fanned by the gentle sea breeze, musical with the song of the pines, where plenty of peace and contentment abound, no more favored section can be found than Clinch County. What hidden treasures, what immense possibilities yet undeveloped, she offers to all who diligently seek them here! Her wealth lies not in mineral deposits, nor great water power, but in a salubrious climate, pure water, a fertile soil capable of the highest state of cultivation, good ranges for live stock, timbered lands, and a people than whom no better can be found anywhere in all our fair land. Many adverse circumstances have retarded the development of the natural resources of the County, but the sun of a better day has already risen for her, and is scattering the mists before it and flooding the land with the rays of hope and prosperity.