History, Confederate Veterans' Association, of Fulton County, Georgia

In presenting this epitome of the History of the Confederate Veterans' Association of Fulton County, Ga., it is but an acknowledgment of the sense of duty in the position to which they have assigned me as a member of the Association.

Some of the matter herein has been previously printed in the "Constitution" or the "Journal," but as such is merely the relation of current events of the Association, I have not deemed it necessary to specially mark such parts. In giving notices, and reports of meetings, and addresses of various persons, these papers have been uniformly kind to our Association.

If the facts herein related may serve to interest the old soldiers concerned in them, or if they may give any light upon the merits of our service, I shall be exceedingly glad that I have thus compiled them.


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With my best wishes I salute you all! In my undertaking to perform the duty of my office, as Historian, to which you have heretofore called me, I must beg leave to say that it was with serious diffidence that 1 assumed the duties, and I come to the task with much doubt of my own ability to render such service, in good and full measure, as the station requires, and as the various pertinent matters deserve. But I am ever willing to try to do whatever task my comrades may assign for me, and so I present to you this report, in the hope that in some way it may be of interest to you.