The Victoria history of the county of Northampton, England

The scope of this work, as will be seen from the general advertisement of the Victoria History, differs essentially from that of any county history hitherto attempted. The services of specialists both national and local have been secured for the treatment of the subjects with which their names are identified, so that the authority for the statements put forth and the views advanced can be at once recognized. The subjects comprised in the present volume are arranged in chronological order from the geology of the county down to the Domesday Survey. From this point the general articles do not naturally fall into any special order, and Mr. Albert Hartshorne's monograph on monumental effigies therefore forms a convenient conclusion to the volume. In the second volume will follow general articles on ecclesiastical history, the history of ancient schools, architecture, industries, etc., but the bulk of the remaining three volumes will be taken up with detailed histories of the parishes and manors of the county, and the work will conclude with a chapter that draws the various threads together, and recounts the civil and political history of this part of England from the Saxon period, when the county first emerged as a distinct area, to the present.

Northamptonshire readers and others in opening this volume will probably reflect that there are already three histories of the county of great reputation: Morton's (17 12), Bridges's (1791), and Baker's. The existence of these works makes the compiling of the present volumes at once easier and yet more difficult. Easier because of the great amount of material and information already gathered together, but more difficult because of the necessity of sifting the evidence on which various statements rest, and of the labour of testing and substantiating the very large number of references. John Morton's folio Natural History of Northamptonshire is the only one of these older histories which to any extent covers the same ground as that traversed in the present volume, for not only did Morton deal somewhat exhaustively with the natural history of the county so far as such studies were then understood, but he treated also of some of the antiquities and gave a carelessly executed transcript of the Domesday Survey. Baker's work is, alas, only a fragment, and the History of John Bridges was written at a time when many sources of information now available were unknown, and before the scientific conception of historic development had been applied to county history. These two, which have more in common with the present undertaking, as a whole, than Morton's work, will be referred to again in the volumes to come.



Table of Contents

Dedication v
The Advisory Council of the Victoria History vii
General Advertisement vii
The Northamptonshire County Committee xiii
Contents xv
List of Illustrations xvi
Preface xix
Natural History

Geology 1
Palaeontology 41
Introduction 47
The Botanical Districts 57
Musci (Mosses) 80
Hepaticae (Liveruiorts) 84
Lichenes (Lichens) 84
Fungi 84
Mollusca (Snails, etc.) 87
Insects (Insects) 89
Hymenoptera (Bees, etc.) 89
Coleoptera (Beetles) 90
Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera (Butterflies) 94 Lepidoptera, Heterocera (Moths)
Nocturni, Geometrae, Drepanulidae, Pseudo-Bombyces, and Noctuae 97
Lepidoptera, Heterocera (Moths), continued
Deltoides, Pyralides, Crambites, Tortrices, Tineae, and Pterophori 100
Crustacea (Crabs, etc.) 101
Pisces (Fishes) 108
Reptilia (Reptiles) and Batrachia (Batrachians) 110
Aves (Birds) 111
Mammalia (Mammals) 129
Early Man 135
Romano-British Remains 1587
Anglo-Saxon Remains 223
Introduction to the Northamptonshire Domesday 257
Text of the Northamptonshire Domesday 301
The Northamptonshire Survey 357
Monumental Effigies 393
Domesday Index 423


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Table of Contents

Dedication v
Contents ix
List of Illustrations xiii
Editorial Note xvii
Table of Abbreviations xix
Ecclesiastical History 1
Religious Houses

Introduction 79
Abbey of Peterborough 83
Priory of Luffield 95
Priory of St. Michael, Stamford 98
Priory of Wothorpe 101
Priory of St. Andrew, Northampton 102
Priory of St. Augustine, Daventry 109
Abbey of Delapre 114
Abbey of Pipewell 116
Priory of Catesby 121
Priory of Sewardsley 125
Abbey of St. James, Northampton 127
Priory of Canons Ashby 130
Priory of Chalcombe 133
Priory of Fineshade or Castle Hymel 135
Hermitage of Grafton Regis 137
Nunnery of Rothwell 137
Abbey of Sulby 138
Preceptory of Dingley 142
Black Friars of Northampton 144
Franciscans of Northampton 146
Austin Friars of Northampton 147
Carmelite Friars of Northampton 148
Hospital of Armston 149
Hospital of Aynho 150
Hospital of St. James and St. John, Brackley 151
Hospital of St. Leonard, Brackley 153
Hospital of Cotes 154
Hospital of St. David and the Holy Trinity, Kingsthorpe 154
Hospital of St. John Baptist and St. John Evangelist, Northampton 156
Hospital of St. Leonard, Northampton 159
Hospital of St. Thomas, Northampton 161
Hospital of Walbek, Northampton 162
Hospital of St Leonard, Peterborough 162
Hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr, Peterborough 162
Hospital of Pirho 163
Hospital of St. Giles, Stamford 163
Hospital of St. John Baptist and St. Thomas the Martyr, Stamford 164
House of St. Sepulchre, Stamford 165
Hospital of St. Leonard, Towcester 165
Hospital of St. Leonard, Thrapston 166
College of Cotterstock 166
College of Fotheringhay 170
College of Higham Ferrers 177
College of Irthlingborough 179
College of All Saints, Northampton 180
College of Towcester 181
Priory of Everdon 182
Priory of Weedon Beck 182
Priory of Weedon Pinkney or Weedon Lois 183
Early Christian Art 187
Schools 201
Introduction 289
Quarries (Historical) 293
Quarries and Mines (Technical) 298
Bell Founding 307
Pipe Making 308
Leather 310
Boots and Shoes 317
Gloves 331
Whips 331
Textiles and Allied Trades 332
Lace 336
Paper 339
Forestry 341
Sport Ancient and Modern
The Royal Buckhounds 353
Stag Hunting 354
Early Foxhounds 355
The Pytchley Hounds 356
The Woodland Pytchley 367
The Pytchley Country 368
The Grafton Hounds 369
The Grafton Country 372
The Fitzwilliam Hounds 373
Harriers and Beagles 375
Otter Hunting 376
Coursing 376
Falconry 377
Shooting 377
Angling 380
Flat Racing 382
Steeplechasing 383
Golf 386
Athletics 388
Cricket 388
Football 393
Polo 396
Ancient Earthworks 397
Soke of Peterborough
Introduction 421
Borough of Peterborough 424
Bainton 460
Barnack 463
Borough Fen 472
Castor 472
Sutton 481
Upton 483
Etton 486
Eye 490
Glinton 492
Helpston 495
Marholm 499
Maxey 502
Newborough 507
Northborough 508
Paston 512
Peakirk 519
St. Martin's, Stamford Baron 522
Thornhaugh 529
Ufford 533
Wansford 537
Wittering 539
Willybrook Hundred
Introduction 542
Apethorpe 543
Collyweston 550
Cotterstock 555
Duddington 560
Easton on the Hill 564
Fotheringhay 569
Glapthorn 576
King's ClifFe 579
Lutton 584
Nassington 586
Southwick 591
Tansor 595
Woodnewton 599
Yarwell 602


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Table of Contents

Dedication v
Contents ix
List of Illustrations xi
List of Maps xv
Editorial Note xvii

Northampton Borough 1
Polebrook Hundred
Introduction 68
Barnwell St. Andrew 71
Benefield 76
Hemington 80
Luddington 83
Oundle 85
Polebrook 101
Thurning 109
Warmington 113
Navisford Hundred
Introduction 123
Clapton 125
Pilton 129
Stoke Doyle 132
Thorpe Achurch 135
Thrapston 139
Titchmarsh 142
Wadenhoe 149
Huxloe Hundred
Introduction 153
Addington, Great 155
Addington, Little 160
Aldwinkle All Saints 164
Aldwinkle St. Peter 168
Barnwell All Saints 173
Barton Seagrave 176
Burton Latimer 180
Cranford St. Andrew 186
Cranford St. John 189
Denford 192
Finedon 196
Grafton Underwood 203
Irthlingborough 207
Islip 215
Kettering 218
Lilford-with-Wigsthorpe 227
Lowrick 231
Slipton 243
Sudborough 245
Twywell 248
Warkton 252
Woodford 255
Borough of Higham Ferrers 263
Higham Park 279


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Table of Contents

Dedication v
Contents ix
List of Illustrations xi
List of Maps xiv
Editorial Note xv
Higham Ferrers Hundred

Introduction 1
Bozeat 3
Chelveston-cum-Caldecott 8
Easton Maudit 11
Hargrave 17
Irchester with Knuston and Chester-on-the-Water 21
Newton Bromswold 27
Raunds 29
Ringstead 39
Rushden 44
Stanwick 51
Strixton 54
Wollaston 57
Spelhoe Hundred
Introduction 63
Abington 65
Great Billing 69
Little Billing 74
Boughton 76
Kingsthorpe 81
Moulton 88
Moulton Park 94
Overstone 95
Pitsford 98
Spratton with Little Creaton 100
Weston Favell 107
Hamfordshoe Hundred
Introduction 112
Great Doddington 113
Earls Barton 116
Ecton 122
Holcot 127
Mears Ashby 129
Sywell 133
Wellingborough 135
Wilby 146
Orlingbury Hundred
Introduction 149
Brixworth 150
Broughton 158
Cransley 162
Faxton 167
Hannington 172
Hardwick 175
Great Harrowden 178
Little Harrowden 185
Isham 188
Lamport with Hanging Houghton 195
Old alias Wold 200
Orlingbury 204
Pytchley 208
Scaldwell 213
Walgrave 217
Wymersley Hundred
Introduction 224
Blisworth 224
Brafield-on-the-Green 228
Castle Ashby 230
Cogenhoe 236
Collingtree 240
Courteenhall 242
Denton 246
Grendon 249
Hardingstone 252
Horton 259
Great Houghton 262
Little Houghton 266
Milton Malzor 271
Piddington with Hackleton 276
Preston Deanery 279
Quinton 282
Rothersthorpe 285
Whiston 288
Wootton 292
Yardley Hastings 296


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In the following pages it is proposed to give, as far as possible, a neological history of Northamptonshire as a succession of physical events in defined time periods, and to use the composition and natural sequence of the rocks, as well as the present configuration of the ground, or modern scenery, chiefly in evidence.