The Victoria history of the county of Lincoln, England



Table of Contents

Dedication v
Contents ix
List of Illustrations xiii
Editorial Note xv
Ecclesiastical History (To A.D. 1600) 1
Ecclesiastical History (From A.D. 1600) 1
Religious Houses :
Political History 245
Social and Economic History 293
Industries :-

Introduction 381
Deep Sea Fisheries and Fish Docks 388
Mines and Quarries 393
Agricultural Implement Manufactures 394
Agriculture 397
Forestry 397
Schools 421
Sport Ancient and Modern
Fox Hunting 493
Harriers and Beagles 506
Otter Hounds 506
Racing 506
Polo 511
Shooting 511
Wild Fowling 514
Coursing 518
Angling 519
Golf 525
Athletics 528


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The first mention of church organization in Lincolnshire occurs in connexion with King Wulphere, who gave to his new bishop the land of fifty families at a place called 'Ad Baruae' or 'at the wood' generally identified with Barrow on Humber; the object of the grant being to found a monastery and thus provide a mission centre on an outlying border of the vast diocese. Traces of this foundation still remained in Bede's time, but the house was swept away during the Danish ravages of the ninth century and never rebuilt.