The Victoria history of the county of Gloucester, England



Table of Contents

Dedication v
Contents ix
List of Illustrations xiii
Editorial Note xv
Ecclesiastical History 1
Religious Houses

Introduction 52
Abbey of St. Peter at Gloucester 53
Abbey of Tewkesbury 61
Abbey of Winchcombe 66
Priory of Stanley St. Leonard 72
Priory of St. James, Bristol 74
Abbey of St. Augustine, at Bristol 75
Abbey of Cirencester 79
Priory of St. Oswald, Gloucester 84
Priory of Lanthony by Gloucester 87
Priory of Horsley 91
Priory of St. Mary Magdalen, Bristol 93
Abbey of Flaxley 93
Abbey of Hayles 96
Abbey of Kingswood 99
Priory of Beclcford 101
Priory of Brimpsneld 102
Priory of Deerhurst 103
Priory of Newent 105
College of Westbury-on-Trym 106
Black Friars, Bristol 109
Grey Friars, Bristol 110
Augustinian Friars, Bristol 110
Carmelite Friars, Bristol 110
Friars of the Penance of Jesus Christ, or Friars of the Sack, Bristol 111
Black Friars, Gloucester 111
Grey Friars, Gloucester 111
Carmelite or White Friars, Gloucester 112
Crutched Friars of Wotton-under-Edge 112
Preceptory of Guiting 113
Preceptory of Quenington 113
Hospital of St. Mark, Billeswick, called Gaunt's Hospital 114
Hospital of St. Bartholomew, Bristol 118
Hospital of St. Lawrence, Bristol 119
Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Bristol 119
Hospital of St. Bartholomew, Gloucester 119
Hospital of St. Margaret, Gloucester 121
Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Gloucester 122
Hospital of St. John, Cirencester 122
Hospital of St. Lawrence, Cirencester 123
Hospital of St. Thomas, Cirencester 123
Hospital of Longbridge, by Berkeley 123
Hospital of Lorwing 124
Hospital of St. John the Baptist, Lechlade 125
Hospital of Winchcombe 126
Hospital of Tewkesbury 126
Hospital of Holy Trinity, Stow-on-the-Wold 126
Social and Economic History 127
Table of Population 173
Introduction Oxford Honour School of Modern History 189
Wool 193
Waterproofs, Ropes, and other Textiles 199
Timber, etc. 199
Engineering and Metal Industries 202
Bell-Founding 204
Pins 206
Printing and Paper 208
Leather 209
Soap and Chemicals 210
Milling, Malting and Brewing 211
Sugar and Chocolate 212
- Glass, Pottery, Bricks and Building Materials 213
Handicrafts 215
Mining 215
Agriculture 239
Forestry 263
Sport, Ancient and Modern
Stag-Hunting 287
The Berkeley Hunt 288
The Cotteswold 290
The North Cotteswold 292
The Vale of White Horse (Cirencester) 293
Harriers 295
Coursing 295
Racing 296
Falconry 299
Shooting 299
Wild-fowling 301
Angling 303
Golf 304
Athletics 206
The Cotteswold Games 306
Cricket 306
Schools 313


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The early evidence of Christianity in Gloucestershire is very slight, and of British Christianity there is scarcely a trace. 'Four stones marked with the Christian monogram found in the Roman villa at Chedworth, a few tiles marked IHS, and a tombstone which is probably Christian, discovered at Sea Mills in 1873, complete the tale.' Excavations on the sites of the great Roman cities of Gloucester and Cirencester have as yet shed no light on Christian worship among the provincials. The name of Bishop Eldad, who held the see of Gloucester when Hengist invaded Britain, has been handed down by tradition. Thomas, who was translated to London about 542, is said to have witnessed the destruction of Gloucester and to have fled with his clergy into Wales in 586.