The Victoria history of the county of Derby, England


Derbyshire has had many careful workers upon various subjects dealing with its history, yet no author has hitherto completed a history of the whole shire. Thomas Bateman in his works on the results of his excavations on the tumuli and other remains in Derbyshire, and Stephen Glover in his incomplete work, The History and Gazetteer of the County of Derby, and several others in the last century, not to speak of many earnest workers still living, have, however, done much to bring to light the records of the past relating to their county. The Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological Society, under the guidance of a series of able editors, has also produced many valuable papers touching both the archaeology and history of the county.


Table of Contents

Dedication v
The Advisory Council of the Victoria History vii
General Advertisement vii
The Derbyshire County Committee xiii
Contents xv
List of Illustrations xvii
Preface xix
Table of Abbreviations xxi
Natural History

Introduction xxvii
Addenda and Corrigenda xxix
Geology 1
Palaeontology 35
Botany 39
Molluscs 51
Orthoptera 54
Neuroptera 55
Trichoptera 57
Hymenoptera 57
Coleoptera 61
Lepidoptera 77
Diptera 94
Hemiptera 99
Aphides 100
Spiders 100
Crustaceans 102
Fishes 110
Reptiles and Batrachians 117
Birds 119
Mammals 150
Early Man 159
Romano-British Remains 191
Anglo-Saxon Remains 265
Early Christian Art 279
Introduction to the Derbyshire Domesday 293
Text of the Derbyshire Domesday 327
Ancient Earthworks 357
Forestry 397
Index to the Derbyshire Domesday 427


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The following series of papers will, it is hoped, give some idea of the natural history of Derbyshire as far as it has been investigated at present. The general features of the Geology of the county have been dealt with so fully in the article on that subject, that it is unnecessary to add anything with regard to them here.